Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Waiting for Chaput to Free the Captives! #8 How to get a Loved one Out of the Legion of Christ

Mons Charles Chaput heads Vatican Visitation-Intervention-Investigation of the Legion.

Archbishop of Denver
Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

Legion bosses continue to sugarcoat the Vatican "Visit" as if it were a romp on the beach. Noway Jose! Chaput knows the Legion and all about the Legion.
He has received several exLegionary priests into his diocese
Why does a bishop accept departing religious into his diocese?
Because he can benefit from their pastoral expertise [Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultural Sensitivity], and because he believes that they are good men who have been mistreated by their mother system, or by "the mother of all systems".

Hopefully the Archbishop will see through all the phoney obedience and false charity that is talked by the Legion and reach the rank and file

Members need to be free in conscience and free from intimidation and manipulation of any kind in discerning their vocation. Let us hope and PRAY that the visitation will create a life-space for members where they can freely pray, discern and decide about their futures.

"I have come to Free the Captives!" as in the Mission Proclamation of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke


  1. Legionaries of Christ is a sect of the Catholic Church and should be abolish.

    Their founder and methods have been proven flawed to a point of no futher trust.

    Most of the L of C members, including Regnum Christi, should be welcomed backed by a loving mother church. They are also victims. Should be given the choise to join other religous orders.

  2. Dear G.,
    thanks for taking the time to comment. Your strong point of view is shared by several well known commentators, some of whom had been staunch supporters of the Legion and Father Maciel.
    Unfortunately, the active members of the Legion and the Regnum were "prepared" for the Maciel scandals and the Vatican Visitation by their superiors and spiritual directors so as to lessen the blow. Most of them believe nothing is wrong, the continue to believe in the Movement and do not want to leave. They do not consider themselves victims but are proud to be part of the "Work of God".