Thursday, May 14, 2009

23 Priests Leaving Legion of Christ --#15 in the series How to get a Loved One out of the LC/RC

Anonymous say:


Anonymous said...
A source within the Legion has confirmed that 23 Legionary Priests are about to separate from the Legion to form a new religious group. 15 of the Priests are Americans. Fr. Alvaro has asked them not to take any action until the Vatican publishes its findings. The Legion is not answering quesitons on the subject, but one of the 23 priests has leaked the departure of the group.

May 14, 2009 1:44 PM

Monday, May 11, 2009

LEAVING THE LEGION: THE HORNS OF THE DILEMMA - #14 "How to get a Loved one Out of the Legion & Regnum

In "Parsing Fr. Berg", @ Life After RC, Giselle has some very strong comments on his Adieu to Regnum Christi members, to the Legion, and to Catholics interested in the Legion and Regnum


As a Former Legionary Priest, now laicized, I can empathize with Fr. Berg and even admire him while at the same time agreeing with Giselle's trenchant reasoning regarding how Father is still under the spell of Legion sirens.

Harkening back to my own departure from the Legion I admire Fr Berg's presence of mind and his attempt to think through his leaving and to do it the best possible way. This is an admirable effort on his part. For some reason he has been able to preserve some sense of self as a separate entity from the Legion, the superiors, and the "mystique". He has some separate moral conscience. With his limited autonomy and self individuation he has been able to extricate himself from the Legion thicket.

The departing Legionary and Regnum Christ member faces a terrible dilemma: to leave or to stay BUT in reality

S/HE MUST LEAVE, OR AT LEAST STEP OUTSIDE, the institition in order to

- gain the objectivity that will help him/her see more clearly WHY s/he left; to

- understand the HOLD the institution still has on him/her; and to

- be able to see that same institution in a more OBJECTIVE light.