Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maciel with Mistress and Daughter in Cotija, Mich, Mexico, 2005

Consecrated lady, Maciel/Rivas, his daughter, Norma, 3 consecrated ladies, and Norma, Maciel's Mistress;

[March 5, 2005 date on photo] gave this scoop

under  the title The Plot Thickens

Photos show Fr. Maciel/Mr. Rivas with his mistress, Norma, and his daughter, Norma, visiting with the Consecrated ladies in Cotija(?)

Fr. Jesús Quirce, Fr. Maciel, various Consecrated, and in the back at right, Fr. Marcelino de Andrés.


  1. Are the photos true? I mean are you sure that the lady is the daughter and the madam is the "wife"?

  2. As our dear friend and defender of the Legion, RJ Neuhaus said: "I have the moral certitude"
    the blogger does not necessarily agree with statements alleging the Srtas Consecrated knew they were dealing with Mrs and Senorita Maciel because Mr. Maciel, I mean, Rivas, sorry Gonzalez could have told the Consecrated that these women were relatives or benefactresses... He was the King of Deceit. So I don't blame the Srtas or anyone else who was deceived by Maciel

  3. Let us try to have fun from this sad story: Do you have the telephone number of Norma? She looks like really nice and I need a wife (rich is better, isn't it?)... :D

  4. Anonymous 2
    Norma is not interested in you unless you are at least 30 years older than her and work for the CIA

  5. Dear Anonymous 2,
    do you know someone who is able to explain me how to change my age? Physically, I mean. :D

  6. Does the Vatican have copies of these? If not you should send them.

  7. TJB
    seems like Cardinal Bertone's team is busy studying the reports handed in to him by the Visitators on March 15, 2010

    But, yes, the photos could be useful because we have no idea how truthful those nice Legionaries were with the Apostolic Visitators; their record is not good as we know from the first Visitation in 1956 when the seminarians were told not to say anything bad about holy founder, Nuestro Padre, or the Legion, as those bad "outsiders" had come to destroy the Work of God and their vocations...

  8. Apparently, as the photos imply with priests and consecradas included, in Cotija people knew about Fr Maciel's mistress and children as far back in 2005? It would have been extremly hard to conceal...
    I was wondering if Nuestro Padre still revered even today in Cotija, because of all the "good" (development, retreat centres, money etc.) that their (in)famous "native son" has brought the town?