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Regnum Incesti - Legion Founder's Reign of Incest --The Children of Maciel

The blogger is aware that this is a very controversial subject
that it can all be a lie
if we are to believe that Maciel was a pedophile and a homosexual....
But these rumors, news item have surfaced and the blogger has little to comment on them because, despite criticisms to the contrary, I do not indulge in mere gossip.
Here is the YouTube version
Notes from the Radio Interview one of Maciel's families by Carmen Aristegui

Four interviewed simulataneously: Maciel's wife Pilar(?) and their children, Christian, Omar and Raul (Jose Raul Gonzalez).

Note: apparently, Fr. Maciel was "Mr. Gonzalez" with this family

After Maciel's death Raul approached the Rector of the Anahuac, DF, Jesus Quirce about the will.
- The children did not know Maciel was a priest.
It took a year and some months before any movement was made by the Legion. Jesus Quirce and Jaime Duran (financial officer for the Anahuac) took him to a bank in Mexico City, Ibanimex, looking for the will. The receptionist can't help them so they try a different branch of the bank. About a week later Quirce instructs Raul to go to Ibanimex with Duran. They are met by the vicepresident of the bank.
Raul mentions a network of lies from Duran. A trust in the bahamas is mentioned. Raul says that his father told him and his mother about a trust in Switzerland.
The Legion (Duran?) suggests that Norma, Maciel's other wife, in seville (?) had the document.
Norma falsified signatures. Maciel retracted the will or that he never made it.

Raul believes there is a nework of complicity surrounding the will, hiding it.
Mexican wife was told by maciel that he would leave a will, he travelled so much that there could have been an airplane crash etc.
He told her there was money in switzerland. Maciel told them that ALVARO CORCUERA an/or MARCELINO DE ANDRES would get in touch with them on the occasion of his death, the family are adamant that he repeated these names to them often, and that he never referred to them as priests.
THe wife says that maciel was such a liar she didn't believe half of what he said. She has had no contact from the Legion or these people since Maciel's death.

The interviewer asks the famil what they want to say:

Omar: The Legion has given them the cold shoulder.

Christian: would like help with his studies

Pilar (?) addressed pope benedict - will he still allow the legion to ignore them?

Jose Raul Gonzalez: investigation to address the crimes of abuse;
vatican reocgnises the legion abused seminarians and other people
Jose recognises the false sorrow of Evaristo Sada at the Youth and Family encounter - in reality there is a destruction of youth and families by the Legion.
He says Sada's letter/press release is shameless.

Alvaro Corcuera arranges to meet Jose Raul on the 6th of January at the Anahuac University, Mexico DF. He writes a letter on the 12th of December saying that he is too busy and has appointed Fr. Carlos Skertchly to meet him instead.
Alvaro sends his best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
Skertchly meets with Raul and asks what the Legion can do for him, he says that he wants to maintain regular dialogue with the Legion about the issues. Skertchly agrees.
After this meeting Skertchly writes a letter in response to Raul's requests, stating that he prefers in this occasion the formality of written word.
Skertchly talks about christian charity in all of this and rejects Raul's requests for money as his inheritance and also in compensation for 8 YEARS OF SEXUAL ABUSE OF RAUL AND HIS BROTHER BY MACIEL
He accuses Raul of extortionism and says that the Legion is in no way willing to entertain his demands.
He asks Raul to reflect on his attitude.
Raul mentions to the interviewer that he has difficulty with his passport due to different names and identity. He requests help from the relevant government ministry and leaves his address for any contact:

The Son of Maciel Speaks Out on public Radio in Mexico

[From former RC correspondent in Mexico]

"Breaking News


Monterrey 97.3 FM
Guadalajara 95.5 FM

Transmission was this morning, 3/3/10

online now at 9:10am if you want to hear it...

One of the sons just gave off this email address: hijosmaciel@ and they would like to hear from people. They say that their motive for speaking out is to ask the Pope for justice and retribution for the victims, and that the Legion be forced to stop "dandoles la espalda" [editor: turning their back on them] and to ask for forgiveness from the victims, as well as the Pope.

For those of you who missed the interview, which was quite shocking in my opinion, my guess is it will be available at this link tomorrow: http://www.noticias tas.html
because all of yesterday's are there today. I will see if I can find a more permanent link for the interview tomorrow. Carmen said she will continue to talk about this tomorrow so people can also tune in live at the link I gave and at www.noticiasmvs. com by clicking on live player.  

I was left with feelings of great sadness for these boys and also wonder at the bizarreness of this "ride" - I didn't know where this roller coaster was going to go when I got in, in terms of Regnum Christi."

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[1] What should Legionaries do now that the Legion is under Vatican Visitation?

UPDATE: see very heated debate in Spanish on El Trastevere with input by former Legionaries and Regnum Christi s

The poster will open the floor to the following comment challenging the blogger. Much has been written already in response to this [rhetorical] question in Catholic blogs, Conservative and otherwise: First Things, Patrick Madrid, Peter Vere...all staunchly Orthodox Catholics have given their opinions and suggestions. Anonymous may not have read these or believes they have not answered his question:

"By the way, I want to know what the blogger's response is to the questions made earlier by some anonymous, you kind of drifted away from the question, about what the Legion should do now, after all aren't they having a visitation now that that founder is dead?"

In answer to the question the Blogger replies:
Legionaries, especially superiors, should have already cooperated fully with the Investigation. This implies being honest and forthcoming with them and not using deceit, subterfuges, and manipulation . This obvious condition is not so obvious because it has been demonstrated that Fr. Maciel and superiors actively deceived the First Vatican Visitators in 1956 by "preparing" the members to be less than honest in order "to protect the Founder and his Work of God." Some suspicion of a desire to control information lies in the various "responses" and "letters" emitted by the superiors which suggest a basic way to interpret the Investigation itself which is not necessarily truthful; v.g. "The Vatican is coming to confirm our charism" or other euphemisms,
"The Pope is sending the Visitation to confirm us in the faith", etc. 
"Now that we have denounced the sins of Fr. Maciel we have done all that is required to preserve the Work of God"....

With the first rumors of the Investigation back in January 2009 Legion leadership began shuffling superiors and moving members from one front to another...or taking men out of the front lines and sending them to more remote destinations...

See Patrick Madrid's post in July 2009

Legionary Troop Movements in High Gear

In recent weeks, there has been a flurry of "troop movements" within the Legionaries of Christ, and it's not entirely clear to me yet what is behind it. To be sure, for a large, multi-national organization such as the Legion to have some level of constant movement of personnel is quite understandable and quite common to any group of this type, secular or religious.

But some of these recent LC perigrinations are unusual both in that they involve priests and lay people abruptlyleaving the organization — a number of them high-profile folks (Fr. Thomas Berg, Tom Hoopes, Paul Bernetsky) — and others who are being transferred far afield at precisely the time of the apostolic visitaion, which is undertaking the Vatican investigation of the alleged problems within the order, in the wake of the recently disclosed Father Maciel scandals.

These new movements are in addition to the rumor that upwards of 25 Legionary priests (a dozen of whom are said to be Americans) are soon to depart en masse from the order to establish a new religious congregation. Keep in mind that that is merely a rumor. But given the recent high-level LC and RC defections, it is a plausible rumor.

Legionary-watcher "Cassandra" offers some intriguing tidbits about all this in a recent post. Some of these I've known about, others are new to me. But all of them, taken together, indicate a new pattern of LC personnel changes that is, at the very least, curious.

Father Antonio Rodriguez, for ages academic dean at the Legionary seminary in Cheshire, Connecticut, hasremoved to Switzerland. How will he now be able to testify to the apostolic visitation about the seminary?

Tom Hoopes, National Catholic Register editor, resigned this week. Together with Brendan McCaffery, Chief Operation Officer for Circle Media, let go last week, these represent decades and decades of experience at the highest level of Legionary operations in Connecticut. Will the visitation seek them out in Kansas or Les Avants-sur-Montreux or wherever or lose forever their testimony?]

Life-after-rc the other day reported that there is evidence that the Legionaries have been moving members around possibly to make them less available for the apostolic visitation to interview.

History may be repeating itself: that’s certainly what the Legionaries did in the late summer of 1956 in the face of 
the first apostolic visitation. Legionary Brother José Domínguez, who had recently helped Father Maciel draft the fourth vow, was moved for the duration to Massa Lubrense on the southern extremity of the Bay of Naples. Brother Saúl Barrales spent nine months of 1957 in the Canary Islands. (See González “Testimonios y documentos inéditos” 278 and Berry and Renner “Vows of Silence” 182.)

In light of that, interesting:

Father Jonathan Morris, formerly vice rector of the Legionary seminary in Rome, is now on sabbatical for six months or more at Old St. Patrick’s in Manhattan. (
exlcbloglinks to the Old St. Patrick’s bulletin with this information.)

Yesterday, July 16, the National Catholic Register’s accountant was let go. This may have been another cost-cutting move – in the downturn the Register became a bi-weekly -- though cost-cutting was not the purpose of the 
acquisition of Southern Catholic College announced yesterday as well.

Such movements would provoke an important procedural question for the apostolic visitation: will the visitators interview only Legionaries and employees currently in place or will they also seek out former Legionaries, those on sabbatical, and those no longer employed? It’s not as if Father Morris can hide in lower Manhattan, but how can Bishop Versaldi, whose responsibility includes Italy, interview him if he is not in Rome? How will Archbishop Chaput, whose responsibility includes the US, interview him if he is on sabbatical from a Legionary assignment? (continue reading)