Thursday, October 7, 2010

How Fr. Maciel Made a Baby

                                            That's me, not the person of interest, stupid!

Bro. X.... left the Legion in July 2009. At that time, the religious did not have any information about the sins of MM. (His spiritual director,

 Father William Brock, in Salamanca, Spain), told him that one day MM had made a mistake; he had taken too much beer -yes, he actually told him that- and somehow fathered a child...

[blogger's comment: Fr. B did not describe how some naughty woman got Fr.  Maciel's pants and his/her chastity belt off; but you can be sure she took advantage of Fr. Maciel's naivete...]

He left, to some extent,  because of me [writes the witness narrator]. I had been in contact with his family which was very upset over the MM scandal. For a long time they were already "fighting" against the Legion to get more freedom for their son... and felt betrayed. But since he joined the Apostolic School, Siliberto was under the control of the cult... and was always justifying the LC.


  1. Stories I heard:
    MM had a brain injury
    MM had a multiple personality disorder
    MM was taken advantage of while unconscious in the hospital
    Where grace abounds (MM was so full of grace) sin abounds more (satan attacked MM more than anyone else precisely because he was so holy)

  2. "He had a plate in his head
    He had a plate in his brain
    He was Jekyll and Hyde
    The Devil made him do it
    He had too much love
    He was against in vitro fertilization
    He was against condoms and artificial birthcontrol
    His generativity was too strong [see C. Jung's stages of development)

  3. "He had one too much" -a female one

  4. He had a brain injury and he has multiple is sad for me to hear this on this website because my brother is still with the Legionaries. I really had not paid attention to the scandal as an ex RC member when I went to his ordination in 2010. Upon hearing about it I questioned him about it and that is exactly what he responded. The sad part is that my brother is very intelligent and that answer sounded so hoky! Its bad enough that I have barely seen him in the last 12 years but now to actually believe that my brother is completely brainwashed, makes me very very angry it is a huge loss.

  5. Dear awful,
    thanks for visiting and commenting.
    A while ago a took a woman to task, a Miss Gallagher [?] who came up with the Multiple Personality Disorder red herring. There are no reliable reports that Fr. Maciel suffered from that Mental Illness; such illnesses usually have their onset in late adolescence or early adulthood. So if Maciel had it we have a Mental Ill person founding a religious order... But there is no evidence. Just the catching at straws.
    The "Plate in the head" story is another red herring. There are no reports or evidence that such a plate affected Fr Maciel's intellectual functioning. There is no reason why it would influence his behavior. It is not usual for people who have car accidents and have cranial -not brain- surgery begin to radically change their sexual habits...