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Legion Strong Arms Member! # 7 in series How to get our Loved ones Out of the Legion & Regnum



under the title
Legionary Discerment

Many associated with the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi Movement have heard troubling stories of the difficulty in extracting members, especially from the houses of formation. Not only has their conscience been so formed as to internally police themselves against outside information, but even physical means are used to keep the family from exerting influence or making contact. The parent-child bond, in particular, is undermined with an insidious wedge, so that legitimate concerns are interpreted as demonic temptations and those suggesting that there may be problems with the methodology are considered enemies of the Church.

Friends of the Legion, members of Regnum Christi, and outside observers, please take note of a drama unfolding this very day. A concerned father went to talk to his son in a different state, a son who has been given enormous responsibilities for the formation of younger recruits to the Legion, despite the fact that he is not himself ordained. After a very long, difficult conversation, the son agreed to drive home with the father for the sake of praying through his present situation with the Legion. (Imagine the tortured thoughts of this poor young man, who worries that he is damning his soul, betraying Christ, and abandoning his responsibilities. All valid and commendable thoughts, although not proper to the life of a man who should be in a period of discernment himself.)

The first night passed in a hotel on the road, with neither of the men sleeping. They continued on their way today, only to be interrupted by a cell phone call from the Legion to the young man. They wanted him to know that they would do everything necessary to bring him back and disengage him from his father, even promising to begin a lawsuit on his behalf against the family. They also promised to have a Legionary waiting at his home so that he could simply begin the journey back and resume his rightful duties.

I humbly beg each reader to consider:

What sort of discernment process nails a brother to the mission in this way?
Can a brother truly consider his vocation when others in the community depend on his commitment?
What is so threatening about taking some time with the family to find God's holy will?
What sort of organisation threatens to sue parents within 24 hours of reclaiming their son?
How much are you willing to pray and fast that the true nature of this Movement come to light?
Many families are agonising over their options with sons and daughters in Legion schools, houses of formation and apostolates. Please take note of the game the Legion plays. In the vernacular, it would be called "hardball." (It is all the more astounding, given that the Congregatoin itself is under a cloud of suspicion at this very time.)

Fearsome, perhaps. But God is stronger. Let's join together to restore freedom and dignity to all the members of the Mystical Body of Christ. This family -- and many others -- are counting on your prayers. Saint Joseph, wise head of the Holy Family, be our guide!

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  1. Great article, but what's up with those Dublin Show girls on the right hand side of the page? LOL!

  2. had to get rid of them, they were making Legionaries lose their celibacy!