Thursday, April 16, 2009

Breaking through to your Loved One---------#9 in the Series

The Legion like other High Control Groups is controled by "Groupthink", see a description on my other blog

As such your Loved One is impervious to your influence; you might as well be talking to the wall, for the most part.

What can break through "Groupthink"?

1- God appears to them
2- They fall in love
3- They find a Spiritual Director or Confessor who has good discernment and pastoral tact and, of course, is not part of "Groupthink"!, NOT a member of the High Demand and High Control Group
4- They have a nervous breakdown, find good therapists/counselors who are NOT members of the High Demand Group
5- Find themselves Providentially in some place that is spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically safe, where they are free from the influence of the High Demand Group
6- A major scandal rocks them out of complacency, smugness and denial; such as "Macielito's Baby"
7- The Holy Spirit breaks through glass, brick and steel, through avoidance, denial, self-complacency and Groupthink
8- A well planned, clever, and perspicacious Apostolic Visitation that puts away the controlling superiors and enforcers thus creating that safe space we described above where the members will be really free to find themselves and find their way.

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