Monday, November 12, 2012

Top Legionary of Christ, Fr. John O'Reilly, accused of Sexual Abuse in Chile

John O'Reilly: El legionario que comparaba a Maciel con JesúsPadre John O'Reilly

This news first appeared in the Chilean media in July 2012, but it may have escaped the attention of English speakers 

the blogger continues to research this issue. In September 2012 Fr. O'Reilly's lawyer was questioning the integrity of the psychologist who did the assessment of the 6 year old victim and accusing her to belong to a religious sect which has a vested interest in discrediting the Legion of Christ, Fr. Maciel and Fr. O'Reilly 


One Chilean article is titled: "Legionary who compared Maciel to Jesus accused of pedophilia"

Another article, July 25, states that Lawyer Mario Schilling will present the case against Fr. O'Reilly

Article below from another source Translation by Google with a few touches

Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati made the request to the Legionaries of Christ to clarify the case.

The archbishop of Santiago, Monsignor Ricardo Ezzati, requested the opening of a canonical investigation into allegations of child abuse against the priest John O'Reilly. This was confirmed in statements made ​​tonight. "I have asked the ather provincial of the Legionaries, according to what is stated in the official documents of the Church, to open a canonical investigation, which he did today, "said Archbishop Ezzati. Asked about the number of complaints involving religious, Archbishop Santiago acknowledged that "there are so many, and even one would be very serious. Yet the Church is much more than that," he said. canonical research adds to the investigations initiated by the justice regarding the accusations raised against Father O'Reilly,who was suspended from his duties  by the College Summit. Complaints refer to alleged abuse of a girl of six years, which were made ​​known to the school by the family of the little student. The priest , a member of the Legionaries of Christ, pleaded not guilty and considered that the claims against him are " a terrible mistake ". During this evening, the school board Summits held an information meeting with representatives of the establishment to discuss the case.

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  1. (Antigua, Guatemala)
    Was contacted by Irish TV program "morning ireland" after they heard fr John O'Reilly LC was connvicted of child sex abuse. Fr and lawyers strenuously denied. Legion seems to have been hands off besides getting the best lawyer to defend their #1 priest in Chile, promoter, fundraiser, PR, former personal waiter, admirer and defender of Fr. Maciel, Legion's pedophile, homo and heterosexual abuser