Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Vicar General of Legion of Christ, Fr. Luis Garza Medina, scion of Mexico's Richest Dynasty, kisses Pope's hand but has not fully cooperated with Vatican Visitation.

Fr. Gill made a statement a year ago on American Papist blog that he was taking the Maciel scandal seriously and apologized to victims...

During the following 11 months he talked and worked with Superiors and Visitators. He does not believe Superiors are ready for change. He cannot wait and he is leaving. Below is text of Feb 2009 statement as Director of RC in NY. Fr. Gill's previous statement sheds light on his recent farewell letter.

"Statement from Director of Regnum Christi in New York {AmP exclusive}

From Fr. Richard Gill, Director of Regnum Christi in New York and of Our Lady of Mt. Kisco Retreat Center.

"I’ve been a Legionary priest since 1991 and I have always loved my Congregation and my priestly vocation and I only hope Our Lord has used it as an effective means of grace for many people to find their way to a deeper relationship with Christ.
I thought I knew Fr. Maciel. I do believe he did many good things for many people. I have benefitted greatly from the formation and life I have lived as a Legionary for twenty-eight years. I defended Fr. Maciel because to the extent I thought I knew him, I sincerely believed the allegations against him were baseless.
Yet, in light of what has been coming out about him, I must say I am terribly sorry to have defended him. I believe I acted in good faith, yet nonetheless did an injustice to the victims.
I am deeply sorry to the people who have suffered from these inexcusable and reprehensible actions of Fr. Maciel. No person should have to suffer abuse at the hands of a priest in whom they have put their trust. And his actions have damaged the holiness of the Church and contributed to the alienation many people feel due to similar scandals in the Church.
I offer my prayers and sacrifices for anyone who was victimized, so they may continue to heal and discover the love of Jesus Christ.


I am confident that our superiors are working closely with the appropriate dicasteries of the Holy See to chart the best course forward for the Legion of Christ so it can be of better service to the Church and the Holy Father.

Fr. Richard Gill, LC

Our Lady of Mount Kisco Retreat Center
773 Armonk Road
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549


Posted with permission of the author.

Please keep all members of the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi in your prayers.

PROMINENT AMERICAN LEGIONARY DEFECTS -Fr. Gill sees Light of Christ and Leaves the Legion

See text
of this Experienced and Prominent Legionary Priest's  farewell to Regnum Christi members

An exLC remarked:

I believe he was made the director of RC in the Washington D.C. area. At some point he was sent to NY to be the RC director there. I think they sent him to Rome for studies for a period in between. He was a Chapter Father at the General Chapter in 1992.