Monday, June 28, 2010

Radical Reform of Legion of Christ foreseen by Vatican spokesperson

Spanish language blog cites Vatican spokesperson, Monsignor Gian Maria Vian, stating that Vatican has Radical Reform in mind for the Legion of Christ religious congregation

Gian Maria Vian, official director of the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano affims that is the Pope's intention to achieve a "radical reform" of the Legion and he highlights the "enormous effort" of the vatican to be thorough [para llegar a fondo].
"The Legionaries situation is very delicate, it has demanded special [particular] effort from the Holy See, begun in the final years of the pontificate of JPII and later accelerated by Benedict XVI" he said. He talks about de Paolis as visitator, but still no"official" announcement of this.

PS Some sources mention announcement to be made in July, perhaps on the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 16 July, Commemoration of Brown Scapular; Carmelite Friars were involved in original investigation of Maciel/Legion in 1956