Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Keeping the Nazi Party going after the death of Hitler".

Our Father, Fr. Maciel, celebrating Mass ever so devoutly

Found this on Dialogue Ireland. The Irish can get a bit wild from time to time, especially under the influence. Though in Spanish they say, drunks and children tell the truth:

"This shows the problem that the reform of the Order will involve. How do you create a spirituality in a context where the Founder is a total disaster? An inveterate liar and cheat. A serial abuser of women, youth and children. This would be like having a limpet mine attached to the Catholic Church. What ethos or charism would result in the Dominican or Franciscan Orders if such things happened to their founders? Spiritually and psychologically it is essential to close this order down and migrate the priests and lay organisation into other orders and associations. Or to use the analogy of banking. This bad bank needs to be closed down and allow a good bank to be constructed. It is interesting that over the years many good people like Paul Cullen who left found a half way house in the diocesan system. Now is a good time to set up a pastoral commission to effect this transfer. Keeping this Order open is the equivalent of keeping the Nazi Party going after the death of Hitler."