Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Contact your Local Bishop ---#10 in the Series How to get your Loved One out of the LoC

Fellow Catholics and Friends,

Do not dismiss or overlook your local bishop [called "Ordinary" in canon law and in official Church documents, we should not give him "ordinary" treatment but respect him as Vicar of Christ in the diocese]

For too long we have allowed ourselves to be estranged from our local bishop. As members of the Legion and Regnum Christ we were conditioned to give lip service to the bishop and to speak of respect and charity. But inwardly we knew that they were only as important insofar as they did not prevent us from founding the Movement in their dioceses and giving us free rein to recruit and fundraise.
We had our own interpretation of the Second Vatican Council and the New Catholic Catechism casting the bishops always in a dimmer light, as second best to the Vatican, to Rome and to the Pope.

[Please be aware that High Power and High Demand Groups tend to isolate their followers from family, friends, and other sources of authority so that their control can be stronger and more extensive]

But now as the bandages fall from our eyes we realize that the bishops are the guardians of the faith in their dioceses and the guardians of their flock -us. They are now implementing policies to protect children from abuse and to protect all Catholics from deceit and manipulation by High Pressure Groups no matter what their avowed ideology, beliefs or apparent Orthodoxy.

Get in touch with your bishop
through his office secretary
through his personal secretary
through the chancery when you have concerns about abuse of church law
through his ombudsman for Child Protection
through the Vicar General for Priests

Insist respectfully.