Sunday, September 29, 2013

"I Accuse Fr. Peter Hopkins, LC of torturing fellow Catholics in the Name of the Father (Maciel)!

from facebook:

[Blogger inquiries seem to lead to Fr. Peter, whose star once shone brightly on the US Legion horizon being assigned to a modest school in Mexico City. Readers, please research. Could this correspond to the usual Legion tactic of sending overseas members who could be sued in the USA? in the case of Fr. Anthony Bannon, etc.]

not me,
not this blogger
another person does the accusing
And its all because of this "life.after.rc" blog, which may be approved by the Regnum Christi!

It all happened in 2010 when that blogger took Fr. Peter to task for comments made regarding Gateway Academy, a pristine Legion of Christi [or Regnum Christi, not sure which, does it matter?] institution.

I think this article, Peter Hopkin's comments, needs a serious redress.
Peter Hopkins LC is the same Peter Hopkins who was behind taking Paul Lennon and Regain to court a la scientology.
He makes no real address to the allegations about manipulation of conscience or going against parental authority. He picks out the Vatican's hope that the legion continues its good works over the serious flaws it points out. (Is it a stretch to say the Vatican hopes this? is this hope in the place of faith? as in I hope it rains because we're in a drought?).
Bishop Watty and the Vatican have clearly expressed that the Maciel effect has infected the entire Legion.
To acknowledge the mistakes/crimes/failings/sins of a dead man is one thing, to be able to recognise how that dead man has influenced your thoughts and behaviour is another. Maciel did NOT simply live a parallel life, his life AS a legionary was twisted and manipulative and this gave him power and wealth.
He was a sociopath and created systems to cope and live. Unfortunately his idea of living was exploitation and the systems he used to exploit have been in place in the Legion since the start. These are the serious problems that need addressed.
Fr. Hopkins has the luxury of making these comments about Gateway because the details, the dates and occurrences were contained in and comparable with the other US schools. This is the website that Peter Hopkins shut down.

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