Monday, May 18, 2009

Dear Friend in the Legion..... #16 in the series "How to get a Loved one Out of the Legion of Christ"

Dear Friend,

its Sunday morning and I am trying to get my house in order. Hope you are well. I pray for you and all the other good lcs. I will be brief.

Above all take care of yourself, your physical, mental and emotional health
The lc is a kind of pressure cooker; it is very hard to be at peace while you are still in; there may be some aggitation inside of you, pressure in your present circumstances.
Your goal is noble
You may be relying too heavily on Alejandro Espinosa's testimony/memoir, El Legionario, as an historical source. I would imagine that the 2005 Vatican investigator, Mons. Charles Scicluna, became familiar with A-E and his book, learned from them, and hopefully he is behind the present visitation and knows what to expect from the present LC boys. As far as the earlier -1956-59- Maciel investigation and exile goes, Fernando Gonzalez' book [in Spanish, Marcial Maciel, la Legion de Cristo: testimonios y documentos ineditos, Tusquets, Mexico DF] is an excellent resource because it documents what was going on behind the scenes. It confirms Alejandro's testimony with others and looks at the Maciel/Legion/Regnum phenomenon from an historical, psychiatric and sociological perspective.
I am not sure where emails sent to the Pope would wind up...
You might be better off sending them to Scicluna at the CDF.
You may be able to help insiders and outsiders by lying low and informing the outside about how the investigation is being handled inside when it starts. I take it it has not begun yet?
God Bless,