Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Archbishop is on the side of Legion of Christ critics

There’s a lack of transparency, as I’ve called it. I’ve met some extraordinarily fine members of Regnum Christi. They’ll talk about what had happened before they met Regnum Christi. Every priest they went to, they got a different story about what the church taught, and then finally they got it [from the Legionaries]. What they’re hearing usually is right. But it’s the tactics that get you. The question is, will some of these very good people be disenchanted someday? For that matter, should they be disenchanted now? Do they know all the facts? I don’t know. I’m not in there to break up Regnum Christi, I’m in there just to see that Regnum Christi is as accountable as every other group should be to the ordinary of the diocese.

The Archbishop of Baltimore in a letter to the superior general of the Legion of Christ Religious Order and its Regnum Christi lay Movement has ordered them to be more transparent re their activities in the diocese and to report to him like all the other groups operating under his authority.***

This letter, together with a scathing interview with National Catholic Reporter, John Allen, confirms what REGAIN and other groups have been saying for some time: the Legion and Regnum have been operating under the radar in parishes and diocese. Under the flag of ignorance and "we are Orthodox and friends of the pope" they have been winning over the richest benefactors and skimming off the cream of the vocation crop. Pope Benedict, who censored the controversial pedophile founder, Mexican Maciel Maciel in 2006, is wise to them and now American bishops are waking up and getting the message