Monday, June 8, 2009

Women leaving Regnum Christi in St Louis -#17 in the series "How to get a Loved one Out...

[from the front lines]

They are all first degree, but they all had roles serving in apostolate or the women's section. One of the gals is a daughter of one of the major benefactors of Gateway. She actually made an announcement of sorts which triggered others asking questions. We'll see. It is still amazing that this is all that has come out.

More has happened than we could have ever expected but the specter still looms.

Archbishop Burke is spending a couple of days with Archbishop Carlson this week and we so hope that he will be filling him in on what he believes about the LC/RC

*The Legion of Christ's Lay Branch, Regnum Christi [Kingdom of Christ] has 3 Levels of increasing committment: 1st Level -called "Degree" because it is from the Spanish word "Grado" is for lay members living regular lives who are committed to the group spiritually and financially; 2nd Level or "Degree" is a step above, involving greater financial transparency with "Spiritual Directors" and disponibility to live wherever they and their families may better serve the cause; 3rd Level or "Degree" male and female members take promises similar to religious vows, of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience, and live in "houses" of formation or apostolate where they live the community life and under obedience to a Director [superior].