Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to apologize to Maciel's Victims of Sexual Abuse and Legion Calumny

Any old apology is not good enough for victims of Sexual Abuse, diffamation and calumny. Ask a lawyer or a mental health therapist or...them

Maciel's victims were abused in very specific ways: they were sexually abused by Maciel on several occasions, having their childhood and youth stolen from them by the one who was supposed to be their father; a form of incest.

When they came forward in different ways the Legion Leadership [v.g Bannon and Owen Kearns] branded them as "disgruntled ex-members", "bitter old men", "envious of Fr. Maciel and the Legion". That is calumny and diffamation.  A public offense requires an OFFICIAL,  PUBLIC apology,  to INDIVIDUALS PERSONALLY,  and to the GROUP.  This would also require AN OFFICIAL LEGION PUBLIC STATEMENT, press release,  published in the Legion's own Newspaper by the Editor, Fr. Kearns, etc., and several other steps.

For an apology to be valid it has to be SPECIFIC as to the offenses/crimes, there has to be REPARATION [damages], moral and material, just as in the cases of Sexual Abuse by diocesan priests and other members of religious orders...

Corcuera and other Legionaries keep telling lies, bare-faced and otherwise! #38 in the series How to...

Dear reader, forgive this outburst.

I have just celebrated a birthday, a big number. It brings reflections on my life and how brief our time on earth is. What have I done with my life? How to make sense of my time in the Legion and what I did after leaving? I am honest with myself as I get closer to meeting my Creator?

And I learn that Fr. Alvaro has begun to attempt to outreach Maciel's victims to "beg them for pardon on his bended knee". The rhetoric of the phrase is sickening and already sounds false. He goes on to swear to the victim that he knows nothing of the lawsuit the Legion brought against REGAIN INC two years ago. "What a terrible thing! I must look into this..."
It is just not possible to countenance this hypocrisy and barefaced lying!
And poor naive -or misguided and blind- people wonder why bishop or archbishop so and so could be so misguided in kicking them out when they do so much good and carry on the values of Catholic Orthodoxy and Tradition. But they are so conniving and deceitful it is just not possible to tolerate anymore going behind the bishop's back and making a fool of him in front of his own faithful!

Such an episode turns my stomach once again. The lying, the deceit, the hypocrisy that we ex-members were subject to for years. Seems like the Legion, the Regnum and its leaders never learn their lesson. Maciel's total untruthfulness and deceit has been transmitted to the Legion superiors and Regnum Christi directors. Truth is not important to them. Only saving face, doing PR, bringing in the money and the recruits, keeping the wool pulled over the eyes of their innocent and docile -especially female- members.
Most of the Americans who have left the Legion have done so because they were lied to. It is something that Americans cannot abide by. Once they find out they have been deceived they get very angry. And this healthy anger can even break through their resistence to doubt their superiors, to break that taboo...

Good Morning, and wake up American Legionaries and Regnum Christi members!