Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Church under Pope Francis moving away from the Conservativism espoused by Maciel, the Legion, Cardinal Sodano, et. al


There is no doubt that with his move to beatify Bishop Oscar Romero, a champion of the poor in El Salvador, killed by army officers, His Holiness Pope Francis is moving back to the true spirit of Vatican II (and the Gospel) and away from Conservative Right Wing Catholicism espoused by Fr. Maciel and the Legion of Christ, especially in the USA where that suited their fundraising among very rich  Republican Catholic families who believe that the Legion will stem the advance of communism, materialism, hedonism and other isms. A glance at the life of Fr. Maciel and Legion leaders demonstrates just how misleading that is.

How long will it take for Catholics to understand that the Legion is for the Legion, fundraising and increasing its numbers...?

No saints or truly holy men have been produced by the Legion/Regnum up to now, more than 60 years after the foundation. What does the Legion stand for? On what issues does the Legion take a painful, self-sacrificing and money-losing  stand?