Monday, May 17, 2010

In France Regnum Christi Consecrated Female Enters Public Discussion with Former Legion Seminarian

In front of Notre Dame de Paris; that's the blogger, not Xavier Leger, the latest former Legionary to go public with in depth analysis of the Legion and Regnum

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dimanche 16 mai 2010

1 - Actualité des religions

Par Geneviève Delrue

Le Vatican met sous tutelle les Légionnaires du Christ qui passaient pour un modèle de réussite pastoral jusqu’à ce que la vérité éclate au grand jour sur les mœurs de son fondateur le père Marcial Maciel décédé en 2008. La congrégation attend le nom du Délégué nommé par le Vatican pour mener des réformes en profondeur.

The Vatican places the Legionaries of Christ under supervision, an order that once was seen as a model of pastoral efficacy until the truth broke regarding the customs of its founder Fr. Marcial Maciel who died in 2008. The order awaits the appointment of a Delegate named by the Vatican to carry out in depth reforms.

This is all in French;
a debate has opened up when a former Legionary, Xavier Leger, went public on his blog with analysis of the Legion and Regnum
In this coverage a prominent radio host[ess] interviews an Active Consecrated Female Regnum Christi member and then a recently exited male Legionary regarding the Present Crisis of the Legion. Naturally, the two guests do not meet face to face but are interviewed separately and presented one after the other by the Ms Delrue

To hear the podcast click the first red icom [headphones]

The Srtas speech is laced with 'great faith in God and the Church', 'awaiting the pope's decisions' 'happy in our vocations', 'at peace'...


  1. Debate? More like two totally separate interviews...

  2. "Debate" was not the right word; "discussion" is a little better
    Ever heard of a Legionary or Regnum Christi member having a public debate?
    and they have had the opportunity...
    They usually communicate by letter and email within the closed and protected confines of the already "integrated" membership where no will question or doubt