Thursday, May 24, 2018

A Saw him Rise before my eyes -a poem

Dear Friends,
long time since i have been here with you. I hope you are all well. If you read this soon please keep in mind that tomorrow Friday May 25 the Irish people will take to the ballot boxes to vote on the abortion referendum.

I remind you that i am still active on the ReGAIN webpage trying to keep the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi Movement honest. There you will find update info on their shenanigans.

You may have noticed that the Legion, in its constant recasting of itself,  its history and its image is now planning to become a "Federation",  perhaps as a way of getting away from any negativity provoked by Legionaries of Christ, the order founded by the "Prince of Pedophiles"


In a moment of quiet, I recalled having met a young former Legionary recently. Listening to him and watching him blossom as he distanced himself from his traumatic past... Hence the poem, not necessarily good poetry, but as a reviewer described once, "heartfelt"

Part One
(to make for suspense!)

Lazarus in Mexico City

Before my eyes I saw him rise,
A youth of bitter winters wise.
On hidden Hamburg street
Recalled the sheist.
Pouring out his soul
-he had several not so long ago,
In that towered prison
called the Legion of Christ-

Blue murder, no one heard,
Demons get inside your head,
Under guise of spiritual guides
Empty out your inner sides.
Double-guessing very self,
Whence to hide upon a shelf,
For future never use
-Blatant abuse.

Strolling halls of mirrors
Mind was not his own,
“You are doing Gods Holy Will”
In a world of upside down.
Blinded by obscurity,
Cause they’d siphoned off his brain.
All in Christ’s Holy Name,
A game within a game.