Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fr. John O'Reilly, Legionary of Christ, Stripped of Honorary Chilean Citizenship

Take him back, Ireland; we don't want him!

See Chilean notice

Santiago, Chile, Jan 9, 2015 / 03:35 pm .- The House of Representatives in Chile has passed a resolution stripping Father John O'Reilly, of the Legion of Christ, of his honorary Chilean nationality by a vote of 96-5 after he was sentenced to four years of house arrest for sexual abuse. The Chilean congress grants honorary nationality to individuals through a legislative action, and can use the same

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

ReGAIN, INC's New Web Page Now Popular!


The revamped new and improved edition of the ReGAIN, INC web page is receiving a lot of attention from people all over the world who seek solid information regarding the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi Movement.
Congratulations, ReGAIN!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

REGAIN, INC web page Immigrating to new Host: BIGGER AND BETTER!

Expertize from former LC member is helping re-vamp our page REGAIN INC WEB PAGE BEING UPDATED AND TRANSITIONING TO NEW HOST/LEGION OF CHRIST & REGNUM CHristi

Dear Friends of ReGAIN, INC,
on Thanksgiving Day an old friend of the organization took a hand in solving a problem with our old web host and has been mighty successful. We are waiting for the changes to “populate” so the content of articles, opinions and testimonies can be readily and more efficiently available to the public.
Since we began our mission over ten years ago the Legion of Christ order and the Regnum Christi Movements have gone through scandal, upheaval, Vatican interventions and an Extraordinary General Chapter. We would like to think that ReGAIN’s efforts, the writings and testimonies of many analytical and sharp minds of former members, parents, family members and a wide spectrum of concerned Catholics have contributed to revisions, or at least some level of self questioning.
ReGAIN’s mission is to continue to insist, in season and out of season, that Catholics be aware of the true nature of these organizations and that Church authorities stem the infiltration of dangerous cult-like groups within the boundaries of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Legion of Sexual Deviant & No Charism is Approved by Vatican


[Forgive me if the considerations are very pragmatic but the Vatican also operates that way!]

  • Disbanding the Legion would be a major problem; many of the priests in the Legion would be lost in the shuffle
    •  [Former members tell us that many were ordained rapidly without finishing their studies and to fill some magical numbers that Maciel had thought out for image reasons and to impress Catholic Hierarchy and benefactors]
  • Many vocations in the Legion are not strong and would collapse without the Legion system that monitors their every movement
  • The Vatican cannot go back and admit that it made a mistake to approving the Legion initially in 1948 [the Monsignors were not there to hear Maciel guffaw about the way he had deceived them with the help of some of his sexually deviant Cardinals AMIGOTES
  • Stopping the Legion would reflect very poorly on newly canonized Pope John Paul II who had  supported Maciel and the Legion until the very end. Cardinal Angelo Sodano and the Pope's Legion-bought secretary, now bishop Dziwisz -who was quickly transferred out of Rome- were mainly responsible for keeping the aging pope in the dark and preventing him from facing reality. The pope was treated like a Mediaval Monarch instead of the Executive Director of the Catholic Church.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

LC PARTIAL UPDATE: One LC sent to Nigeria, 3 to Psychiatrist, another leaves Legion and Priesthood and suspected Pedophiles together in Cancun


  • "Fr  Hubert Riner, German LC stationed in Playa del Carmen, was sent to NIGERIA, AFRICA:  where he will be for  2 months...blogger does not know why he would be sent  close to EBOLA. Reward or Punishment? Supposed to return in the New Year to Cancun...One imagines he will be in quarantine on his return.
  • It is reported that Frs. Jorge Morales, Adolfo Flores, Benito Aguilar & Leonardo Nuñes are under psychiatric care 
  • Jose Maria Sabin Sabin leaves Legion and Priesthood
  • Suspected LC Pedophiles living under the roof of Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo on Bonampak Ave in Cancun: (blogger suppresses names):  JMP & JAB, 
  • Deseased are former leaders Frs. Alvaro Corcuera y Jesùs Blàsquez

  •  UNCENSORED: y la Legiòn al ridìculo en los medios juveniles y de media cultura ante la indiferencia por las nuevas constituciones que valen lo mismo que cualquier papel de baño porque a nadie le importa lo que digan, Ni al Vaticano ni a la cupula legionaria ni a los gobiernos civiles ni a los socios empresariales