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All the Uptodate Action on the LC/RC mostly in SPANISH

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sorry for the long hiatus, but you know I have been escaping the legal attentions of my nemesis, the Legion of Christ, so prompt to practice their brand of Charity by persecuting and calumniating those who beg to differ from their divine wisdom.. I'm only joking, the Legion would never sue those who critique their deceptive Modus Operandi regarding recruiting, holding members or expelling those members who are not fully "integrated" and docile to their all-knowing superiors and spiritual directors who are brain-washers in disguise.

Anywho, what I wanted to say is that the Spanish speaking disaffected, joined by some of the bilingual and English persuasion, have a very vibrant Facebook page called Legioleaks
Over 1,300 not happy campers

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Fr. Maciel's Plagiarism: New Findings

salterio de mis horas-luis lucia lucia-9788422016939

With the new edition of Luis Lucia's   Salterio de mis Horas new lights is shed on Fr. Maciel's plagiarism with Salterio de mis Dias, Psalter of my Days, once venerated by members of the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi as the apex of their Spirituality....

ape x being the operative word

Jean Boudet's investigative journalism's highly readable account

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Walter White & Father Maciel: Breaking Bad in Meth & Sex

Father Maciel and Walter White: Breaking Bad in Meth and Sex

Breaking Bad is an American crime drama television series created and produced by Vince Gilligan. The show originally aired on the AMC network for five seasons, from January 20, 2008, to September 29, 2013. It tells the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a struggling high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, who, together with his former student Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), turns to a life of crime, producing and selling crystallized methamphetamine to secure his family's financial future before he dies, while navigating the dangers of the criminal world. The title is from a Southern colloquialism meaning to "raise hell". Breaking Bad is set and was filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I am doing this for my family….
is the phrase and the reason chemistry teacher Walter White uses to justify his actions as he embarks on a life of manufacturing methamphetamine. The venture will become increasingly dangerous as he becomes immersed in the drug manufacturing and dealing world. Walter gradually resorts to more ruthless ways to “protect” himself, his family and his “business”. Walter evolves as a grey individual who gradually becomes more hardened as he uses everything and everyone to reach his goal. Walter’s end is good; but he shows no moral qualms regarding the means he deems necessary.
Despite being resentful, vengeful and self-centered Walter tries hard to maintain normal relationships with his wife, his disabled son and the new-born baby. To hide his double-life he constructs a web of lies and deceit. He possesses an uncanny sense of controlling, manipulating others and recruiting them to his cause while leading them to believe he has their best interests at heart. He is occasionally torn by his allegiances and by the devastating effects of his actions but reaching his goal always wins out in the end. Walter also possesses great astuteness and ingenuity to massacre his opponents.  Jesse, who is a witness and even a victim of his cruelty, is the one who gradually sees through him and turns against him.
At the very end, when his wife confronts him, Walter cruelly and cynically admits that he likes doing what he does. That it makes him feel free and strong.


I am called by God to found a Catholic Religious Order,
is the conviction that drives Marcial Maciel, a white, blue-eyed, provincial Mexican from the age of fifteen.
Marcial is fully convinced he has a calling from God. His uncomfortable childhood, with an enabling mother and a punishing father, leads him to isolation and mistrust. It is rumored he was sexually abused by one of the farm hands at Don Francisco Maciel’s Poca Sangre ranch in early puberty. He determined nobody would every hurt and humiliate him like that again. It seems he was never attracted to girls and never had a girl-friend like other precocious boys in Cotija, Michoacán. He was no good at sports. The other kids called him “sissy” or “specky-four-eyes” because of his glasses. But that was not important as he was being called by God to follow in the footsteps of his three saintly uncles, all Catholic bishops. He yearned to be admired and famous like the saintly one, his uncle Rafael[i]
With the mystical calling firmly embedded in his psyche, Marcial read every little event in his adolescence as a confirmation of his vocation. The first step was to enroll in a seminary. Off he went enthusiastically. God seemed to be against him for he was expelled from seminary three times. When he tried to imbue a small group of his fellow seminarians with true devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the superiors accused him of overfamiliarity. But Marcial remained faithful to his calling. Hidden astute resources helped him, at the age of nineteen, wheedle into the trust of his third uncle bishop, Monsignor Gonzalez Arias in Cuernavaca. This uncle bought into Marcial’s plans, thus fulfilling the budding saint’s dreams.

I am called by God to found a Catholic Religious Order
Marcial continued with his mission recruiting young boys or 9, 10 or 11 for the new order, The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He liked being close to them, too. He did not want them to be spoiled by others as they approached adolescence. As their spiritual father, he found it natural for him to introduce them to puberty; he showed them how to handle their sexual organs while they helped him lessen the tension in his scrotum. He could not tell anyone about his unique love for his seminarians because they would not understand. And this would jeopardize his God-given mission to create a new religious order that would be better and greater than the Jesuits who had rejected him in the Montezuma seminary. He used all his guiles to keep his privileged victims silent. He was able to get rid of one irate father who tried to impede the work of God. The seminarians believed he has a holy man, chosen by Jesus to start a new religious order. They felt privileged to be part of this special and unique group of Christ’s commandos. Marcial felt that his little peccadilloes paled in comparison to the gigantic mission he was fulfilling. He knew that God understood.
He was too busy instructing his seminarians, raising funds with rich widows and providing for the boys’ every need to be able to study for the priesthood. But his bishop uncle overlooked this minor detail on seeing his nephew’s zeal for souls and his vocation as a founder, the first in the family. Thus Marcial fulfilled another dream when he became a priest on November 26, 1944 at the age of twenty-four. By this time, he was training his twelve apostles, just like Jesus.

I am called by God to found a Catholic religious order.
Nothing but the best would do.  Enlisting the help of the Spanish ambassador, Martin Artajo, he secured free passage for them from Veracruz to Santander, Spain, to the Jesuit-run seminary of Comillas. Everything was going smoothly until some of the superiors started doubting his holiness and good intentions. Somehow he began using pain killers to cope with the moral suffering. Thank God his close circle of confidants understood his need for medication.  One the one hand, they agreed that he would break his vow of celibacy if he used prostitutes to relieve his pain. And it would be an even great sin if he were to enlist the help of nuns to take care of his intimate need. God forbid! On the other hand, they were willing to go in search of his Demerol. It was wonderful how they understood their role in God’s Plan.
Marcial was sure that his mission was lofty. He needed to get a foothold in Rome and at the pope’s side so that enemies of God’s plan would not halt the Legion’s growth. He had the uncanny gift of identifying the leaders in any group or organization and he used it to find out who was who in the Roman Curia. His pale blue eyes zeroed in to discover personal flaws and weaknesses. He made friends with the powerbrokers and found out what they liked and what skeletons they were hiding in the closet: money, luxury, boys… It that didn’t win them over he could always use the dirty linen to blackmail them. He sent his most intelligent and attractive seminarians to take care of the monsignors’ needs...
He had a few scary moments when God’s Plan was in danger. One in 1948 when some of his enemies at the Vatican tried to prevent getting approval for God’s new order. The Holy Spirit helped him outwit those dumb brutes. The same misguided Jesuits and Carmelites spoke ill of him and two of his own betrayed him in 1955. The Vatican powers sent him away for a couple of years until he proved his innocence. Reinstated, he put in place some legislation that would prevent his seminarians reporting him again.

I am called by God to found a Catholic Religious Order
Once he had proved his fidelity to God, it was plain sailing. He continued to enjoy the love of his seminarians. As they grew older they helped him develop sexually along with them. Pedophilia evolved into ephebophilia and eventually into homosexuality -though he would never lose his preference for the innocence and softness of puberty. He knew these dalliances were not unusual among the Roman clergy, especially in the Curia.
Some seminarians got tired of his attentions or discovered their relationship with the founder was not exclusive. This was painful but he was usually able to give them what they wanted, send them away or placate them with leadership positions. If anyone got nasty with him, Marcial knew how to take care of business: with a hint dropped here and there he could easily defame and destroy. A few nasty bastards would not understand and he had to punish them: scare them with some crazy story, tell them their heterosexuality was an obstacle to ordination, threaten them, kick them out of the seminary -Boy, how that felt good! -  get them involved with women, send them to the Congo or to remote places in Mexico, Brazil or Colombia…Who did they think they were questioning the Founder and trying to scuttle God’s Plan!
Pope John Paul II was so clueless about human malice and Roman Curia intrigue that soon Marcial was able to gain his trust. At that point Marcial could not put a step wrong. He was praised and honored. His self-confidence grew and the Legion’s success boomed.
He had always been a genius handling money and became fascinated with investing the Legion’s. His disciples had already set up a well-oiled fundraising machine. The USA was great because he Irish he had recruited we well liked and smart enough to set up mass-mailing. Gullible gringos dropped like flies sending in donations, large and small, for the seminarians and Foreign World Missions. They would believe anything. He was able to put in a few cameo appearances to beguile lonely rich elderly widows with his holiness and Mexican charm. That was great fun. Frs. Bannon and Bailleres would overwhelm them with kindness first and then he would step him to give them the coup de grace as the millions slipped out of their dying grasp into the Legion’s coffers.

I am called by God to found a Catholic Religious Order
On top of the world, Marcial wondered what it would be like to have family. He had always despised women, including their sexuality and the dirty body fluids they emanated. At least that is what he told his chosen ones. But maybe there was something to women. He had tried almost everything else: sex with minors, sex with pre-pubertal and pubertal boys -this was his specialty: having them offer up their virginity to him. Watching their arousal, their fear, their embarrassment, their confusion and having them under his control. To control them by deceit, by outsmarting them and being able to do whatever he wanted with them. There would never be anything like that. But it also gave him satisfaction to outwit and pleasure himself with the older ones. When they were older it was man to man, and he could get more from them, more heightened pleasure…He might even be able to get them to give him big one in the right place.
So he had done all that. He got tired of all those uptight seminarians and priests The vein would stand out on his forehead when he impatiently screamed: “Get out of my sight! You are useless! You don’t know how to do it!” If they didn’t do better the next time he would expel them from his harem. Why should he waste his R&R with those ungrateful little brats! So he began exploring the pleasures of boys and young men who were less inhibited. He would find them when he left Legion headquarters with $10, 000.00 cash pocket money given by the unwitting procurator general and disappeared for a few days in Bogota, Caracas, Rio…These professionals knew how to do it. He needed to distract his mind from the heavy responsibilities of Superior General of the most successful Catholic religious order, the darling of popes and princes. Little entertainments for little people: soccer and soap operas. But the movers and the shakers of the Kingdom of Christ deserved the best hotels, spas and resorts. He liked being incognito in a dark, well-tailored suite, or casual with his fine guayabera and Panama hat in the warmer climates…Sometimes he brought a handsome seminarian along with him. He could always leave him in the hotel when he had other appointments. The seminarian would remain in the hotel, close by the phone, at his master’s behest, like a faithful dog. The master had important meetings to attend. Maybe he had to win over a new benefactor…Occasionally, an attractive woman crossed his path, Flora or Nora, who would do anything to support God’s work. They always began by wining and dining the refined priest of the pale blue eyes, refined aquiline nose and aristocratic bearing.

I am called by God to found a Catholic Religious Order
So women, why not? By this stage he was untouchable and the challenge of new clandestine activities over-rode his cautious nature. If could get one woman to trust him enough to get under her skirts and see what havoc his weapon could wreak…Wow! He wondered how he had not discovered this pleasure earlier. The vagina won the allegiance of his Ever Ready. The way the woman surrendered to him was similar to the way the very young children had. He loved the docility. He was powerful. He was dominant. Nobody was doing it to him. He was doing it to them!
Norma, not Nora, was warm and motherly and became his constant companion. She gave him a daughter to dote on, Normita. He was so pleased with her he introduced her -as his niece- to JP II. The other woman gave him more.  Having your very own little boys! He was totally fulfilled as a man. He did feel bad about slipping into his old bad habits with them a couple of times… But he couldn’t help himself. The Devil made him do it. Damn him! Remember how St. Paul, another great apostle, had the same problem, “the sting of the flesh.”
But what really made his adrenaline rush was being able to live the double or triple life. These pendeja women thinking he was a CIA agent or that he worked with Petróleos Mexicanos. He always marveled at their gullibility. They deserved to be deceived! The same went for all the stupid Legionaries who followed him blindly; and for the craven cowards in the Roman Curia who licked his boots in exchange for the Christmas baskets, a couple of bottles of Spanish brandy and a brush with his seminarians. He felt pity for the Polish Pope, pobrecito, what with his Parkinson’s and advanced age.
The good-natured members of the Regnum Christi Movement had a very import part to play in the Power and the Glory of his brain-child, the Legion of Christ. It was easy to keep up the pretense with the young RC consecrated women. They adored him and would do anything for him. Well, almost anything. Although their frigidity or romantic infatuation was of no use to him personally, he always kept his holy mask in place before them. The same as with the masses of Regnum Christi married men, women and children who had him on a pedestal. His eyes always sparkled at the large public appearances such as Youth and Family Encounters in the USA. He even had some “useful idiots” like Jeb Bush and Rick Santorum give the keynote address.
What continued to amaze him was how he had been able to keep his private lives under wraps for so long, even among the Legion members. Why had God made him so intelligent? He knew the answer: to establish the Kingdom of Christ in society, in Christianity and all over the world. Amen!
The carousel stopped for a while when Ratzinger asked him to step down.
-What did he know? Did he think I’m decrepit? OK, so I’ll step down. But, screw him, the German. I’ll put one of my trusted men -did I say “men”? -that doesn’t matter, the Curia likes them that way- in my place. Faithful to the founder. Alvarito, whom I personally groomed since he was a boy, a pre-pubertal adolescent, and sent him to Ireland to learn English (and be with me) and then had him make his promises and put him in charge, gave him responsibilities. He will have my back until the end
-The German wants me out. Ha! We’ll see. I have friends in high places, especially in Mexico. Men who believe I can get them indulgences to cover up all their marital infidelities, their whoring, their cold-blooded murders and swindles…I will live life to its fullest. I fulfilled my mission. The Legion of Christ is unassailable. It is the richest and most successful order in the Catholic Church. No matter how they tried they could not stop me. Like Our Savior, whose footsteps I have faithfully followed from my youth, I can proclaim: “Padre, he acabado la obra que me diste!!”

[i] [i] Rafael Guízar y Valencia (April 26, 1878 – June 6, 1938) was a Mexican Catholic bishop who cared for the wounded, sick, and dying during the Mexican Revolution. Named bishop of Xalapa, he was driven out of his diocese and forced to live the remainder of his life in hiding in Mexico City. He was also a Knight of Columbus. He was an uncle of Marcial Maciel, the founder of the Legion of Christ, a position from which he was removed by the See.
Guizar’s body was exhumed in 1950, twelve years after his death, and witnesses have said it had not decayed, except for the left eye, which he was said to have offered up for a sinner during his lifetime.[1]Pope Benedict XVI canonized Guízar on October 15, 2006.
“We welcome the canonization of our brother Knight, Bishop Guízar y Valencia, and know that his life of courage and legacy of evangelization will be an inspiration to each of our 1.7 million members around the world,” said Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson, who attended Guízar’s canonization in Rome.

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Does this sound like the Legion of Christ?

  Revisit the past

  See above when the Legion of Christ sued. It continues to sue whose who question

Another judge criticizes Jehovah’s Witnesses’ court tactics

   January 11, 2016
A panel of judges in Philadelphia has ruled that Jehovah’s Witnesses used an “abusive tactic” to delay a trial in which a woman accused the religion’s leaders of covering up her abuse as a child.  
The Witnesses’ parent corporation, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, had won a motion in a lower court to move the case from Philadelphia to York County, which currently has the largest backlog of civil cases in Pennsylvania.
The Watchtower argued that holding the trial in Philadelphia would burden witnesses who would have to travel to testify. The appellate panel overruled the lower court, calling the Watchtower’s motion a “last-minute gambit to delay trial.”
In her opinion, Judge Patricia Jenkins refers to the Watchtower and other defendants as “the Congregations.”
“The facts strongly suggest that the motion to transfer venue was the product of bad-faith collaboration between the Congregations and the four York County witnesses,” she wrote.
The case was brought in 2013 by Stephanie Fessler, who claims she was sexually abused 30 to 50 times from the ages of 14 to 16 by a middle-aged woman in another congregation.
Jenkins didn’t elaborate on the collaboration, but her remarks were not the first time a judge has taken issue with the Watchtower’s tactics in court. In two cases in California, judges issued default judgments to plaintiffs because the Watchtower refused to produce documents and witnesses.
Fessler, 27, gave Reveal permission to use her name in this story. Jeff Fritz, Fessler’s attorney, said Watchtower policies enabled her abuser.
“The congregation and the Watchtower had knowledge of child abuse that we contend they were obligated to report to law enforcement and child welfare authorities,” he said. “They admit that they had knowledge of it, and they admit that they didn’t report it. As a result, she was subject to continued abuse.”
The Watchtower declined to comment on the case.
Fessler’s lawsuit is one of more than a dozen pending against the Watchtower in the U.S. over the organization’s child abuse policies.
A Reveal investigation last February found that since 1989, the Watchtower had directed Jehovah’s Witnesses elders to hide child sexual abuse from secular authorities. The Watchtower’s pattern of secrecy subsequently was highlighted during an inquiry by an Australian government commission, which found that the Witnesses had failed to report more than 1,000 suspected child sexual abusers in that country.
A commission that regulates charities in England currently is investigating the Witnesses’ child abuse policies.
The trial in Fessler’s case could begin as soon as this spring.

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Invaders of... Cancun's Green Areas, Legionaries of Christ Paradise, Part 4

See latest part of the Legionaries' Paradise article by Emiliano Ruiz Parra ranslated from the Spanish

Invaders of ....

Plans for monumental Cathedral Our Lady of Guadalupe of the Sea in Cancun

In city block (Supermanzana) number 30 the Legionaries appropriated part of the park. They invaded it little by little. Seven thousand square meters of space had been allotted to the local community. They divided it in four: one for the pre-school, another for the elementary school, a third for the bandstand (kiosco) and the last was a green area. In the green area the Legionaries started building a small church (capilla). Whenever the padre –a Legionary of Christ- came to say Mass, one of the neighbors would open the gate for him.
One day, that neighbor, Mario Cortés, had to leave town and he loaned the keys to the padre; loaned them until his return. Mario never saw those keys again. The chapel passed into Legion hands and a year later so did the 1,000 square meters of green area it stood on.

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Legionaries Paradise

Refer to or ongoing articles

Legionaries' Paradise is a series of tranlations from a Mexican article on the Chetumal-Cancun Prelature of the Legion of Christ; it presents the alternative story to the glowing success described by the Legion as it celebrates its 75th Anniversary.

Follow link above to find series.