Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Legion Robots wait to be told what to do by Apostolic Visitator!

Losing money, family and all your earthly possessions pale in comparison to losing the most important thing you have. Namely, you own ability to make free and independent choices
[see article Why Don't People Leave, below]

After reading  Apostolic Visitator's De Paolis Homily, official Legion statements, and hearing  inside and outside reactions, a few ideas pop into my mind

1] De Paolis first step is to prevent a Wholesale Stampede by the rank and file.

2] De Paolis puts faith in reform of constitutions and General Chapter

- what about getting rid of the leadership cadre?- asks blogger

3] The still-believing are awaiting orders from the Apostolic Delegate, church leaders, their superiors.....

As they have been groomed into Co-DEPENDENT OBEDIENCE to their superiors since first entering  the Legion, their automy and self-determination pruned by years of Legionary "training", they are now IMPOTENT  to make any decisions on their own. "Been there, done that". Read article about Why Don't People Leave?

4] In the blogger's opinion a solution can only begin when the Legion is understood and treated like a "High-Demand Group" that uses persuasive methods of recruiting, retaining and expelling members

Patrick Madrid's blog has a video

Monday, July 12, 2010

De Paolis Homily. Will he be able to change the Legion of Christ "old guard", the Mexican Triumvirate of Corcuera, Garza and Sada, ?

Saul Barrales, "Brother Charity", a Maciel and Legion victim, now lives modestly in Mexico City, scrambling to pay his health bills while the Legion continues to spend millions on its projects. Saul is just one more shipwrecked former member left to fend for himself. But Fr. Corcuera did recently apologize to him for what Maciel -not the Legion- had done to him .

Find translation of the Apostolic Delegate to Legion of Christ Mons De Paolis homily from Sunday 11th of July.
It appears there are a couple of private documents that have been given to the Legion members.

Will all Legionaries have access to Vatican Letters or will the present superiors control that in some way?

Is the Apostolic Delegate expecting some miracle to happen at an Extraordinary Chapter General?

Will he be able to change 'the old guard' of Corcuera, Garza and Sada, the Mexican Triumvirate that has carried on in Maciel's footsteps?
Further insights at Life after RC on the Legion's New Boss