Friday, May 21, 2010

What's Next for Legion/Regnum? Bishop Watty speaks of Legion Visitation [May19, 2010]

Mons. Watty Urquidi, Visitator for Mexico, speaks of his experience

After interviewing 360 Legionaries, reading and reviewing numerous testimonies, and after meeting with Cardinals Tarcisio Bertone, William Levada and Franc Rode, the prelate said that now “the Pope has five extensive reports to read, listen to and manage,” along with the team “he deems fit to put together.”

The Mexican prelate added that the five bishop visitors focused heavily on the person of Fr. Maciel during the investigation. Noting that the founder was a very troubled individual who caused “much” harm, Bishop Watty said that the apostolic visitors discovered in their findings “a very immoral person, who was not in accord with the Gospel, not even human dignity.”

“There’s nothing else we can say,” the bishop said. “The rest must be left to those who can study his personality, but that is how it looks – that he affected the work he had begun. The positive aspects of his personality had an impact but so did the negative ones, and that is what the Church is concerned about right now.”

Bishop Watty said it was necessary to reach out to the victims of Maciel’s abuse, both inside and outside of the Legion.“This was how we felt, and the Pope was in agreement, as he has been courageously doing. In the name of the Church we must reach out to them.”

Regarding the leadership of the congregation, Bishop Watty asserted that the “entire structure of authority within the Congregation of the Legionaries needs to be rebuilt and made to be more in accord with way authority works in the Church, that is to say, more evangelical.” He also said in his comments that the Legion’s formation program also needs to be reviewed and revised.

Bishop Watty's News Conference in Spanish

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Legion Leaders Absolve Themselves re Cover-up in Internal Memo

The blogger had noted here how Fr. Garza, LC Vicar General, had pleaded innocence just a day before the Vatican May 1 statement, the kind of "pre-emptive strike the Legion has made a habit of. The May 5th internal memo from Legion leadership contaned in the article below confirms the pattern:
Legion superiors say they knew nothing about Maciel's evil doing until very recently.
For fear of another lawsuit we cannot quote the LC/RC internal memo but we can cite an article that contains it; the blogger opines there is much speculation in this article but the nugget is the internal memo that Magister got his hands on. Someone must be leaking this material to the press;
is the Mighty Fortress of Legion Information Control -see Steve Hassan on cults-  crumbling?
Not really
because the leadership still controls the flow of information INTO the Organization from the outside; members will only read what they are told to: ZENIT version of Vatican Documents and activities, and the National Catholic Register, still edited by Fr. Owen Kearns whose gift of bending the truth he himself has documented. And still the members of Regnum Christi will give full credence to him.
Because he is a Legion priest, an authority, a "spiritual director of the Movement", "speaking in the name of God"

Monday, May 17, 2010

In France Regnum Christi Consecrated Female Enters Public Discussion with Former Legion Seminarian

In front of Notre Dame de Paris; that's the blogger, not Xavier Leger, the latest former Legionary to go public with in depth analysis of the Legion and Regnum

Parlez Vous Francais?

"Religions du monde

Accueil Diffusion Podcast Nous écrire

dimanche 16 mai 2010

1 - Actualité des religions

Par Geneviève Delrue

Le Vatican met sous tutelle les Légionnaires du Christ qui passaient pour un modèle de réussite pastoral jusqu’à ce que la vérité éclate au grand jour sur les mœurs de son fondateur le père Marcial Maciel décédé en 2008. La congrégation attend le nom du Délégué nommé par le Vatican pour mener des réformes en profondeur.

The Vatican places the Legionaries of Christ under supervision, an order that once was seen as a model of pastoral efficacy until the truth broke regarding the customs of its founder Fr. Marcial Maciel who died in 2008. The order awaits the appointment of a Delegate named by the Vatican to carry out in depth reforms.

This is all in French;
a debate has opened up when a former Legionary, Xavier Leger, went public on his blog with analysis of the Legion and Regnum
In this coverage a prominent radio host[ess] interviews an Active Consecrated Female Regnum Christi member and then a recently exited male Legionary regarding the Present Crisis of the Legion. Naturally, the two guests do not meet face to face but are interviewed separately and presented one after the other by the Ms Delrue

To hear the podcast click the first red icom [headphones]

The Srtas speech is laced with 'great faith in God and the Church', 'awaiting the pope's decisions' 'happy in our vocations', 'at peace'...