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The Double, Triple or Multiple Life of Fr, Maciel, Founder of the Regnum Christi - #21 in the series How to...

I found this so compelling, I had to do a quick translation. What intrigues me, besides the information itself, is the identity of the author. He is a Mexico City attorney, who brought a successful suit against the Legion of Christ after his three year old son was sexually abused by a gym teacher at the legionary school the boy attended. I think it really strains credibility, however, to believe that JPII knew about all this, as Bonilla claims here, but at least we now presumably know the girl’s identity.

The translator

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Legionaries of Christ; The Triple Life of Marcial Maciel

Jose Bonilla

As a result of a May 22, 2009 call-for-entries to this blog, in which we invited friends and readers to relay important information to the visitators sent by the Vatican to the Legion of Christ, I want to share with you some information I received, in which unpublished and surprising pieces of information were revealed to me about the private life of Marcial Maciel.

Of particular importance was information sent to us by a priest of the congregation of the Legionaries of Christ, who with bravery and confidence, haunted by the guilt over what he encountered in one of its European facilities, sent me detailed information on the daughter of Marcial Maciel. Her name is Norma Hilda. She currently lives in Madrid, Spain, and along with her mother, who shares the same name, obtained a non-employment residency visa. Originally from the Mexican state of Guerrero, she is approximately 23 years old, leads a well-to-do lifestyle and does not work, lives in a luxury apartment in Madrid and also rents another apartment in the same building, both of which were both acquired by Marcial Maciel with money from the congregation' s benefactors. Additionally, she attended classes at the University of Anahuac, which was presumably fully aware of her true identity.

Other pieces of information such as her address, home and mobile telephone numbers, properties, courses, schools and such I will for the moment keep private at the request of my informant.

Of particular note is that the existence of Norma had been previously known to Álvaro Corcuera, Luis Garza Medina and Jesús Quirce, as well as to other Legionaries of Christ and lay members, who covered up for and protected the founder, whom they continued calling "Nuestro Padre."

Additionally, Marcial Maciel presented his daughter to Pope John Paul II, whom I am assured had full knowledge that she was his offspring, since she always called the founder “papá,” and since the pope spoke Spanish fluently. Apparently, there are photographs which confirm this.

It is important to stress that, in order for Marcial Maciel to be able to deceive his subordinates, civil and religious authorities, benefactors and members of his congregation by living a double and even triple life, he relied on multiple identities, becoming a master of disguise.

This was corroborated by another Legionaries of Christ priest, who is currently assigned to Columbia. I want to thank both these men for their expressions of solidarity and for personally confiding in me by providing information on the personal and family relationships of Marcial Maciel, which continue to surprise me, providing a very clear vision of who "the Founder" in reality was, and precipitating the uncontrollable impulse in me to write a book on this subject.

With these revelations we now clearly understand the meaning of the statement by Fr. Scott Reilly, LC, territorial director of Atlanta, Georgia: Marical Maciel "had a lover, produced at least one child with her, and lived a double life."

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One of the things that most troubles me about this story centers on the question, If the benefactors of the Legion of Christ had known about these facts, would they have provided financial resources?

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