Thursday, May 26, 2011

Any closer to the New Constitutions?

The following old news item recently appeared on Google search for Legion of Christ; it comes with a nice video of the Legion in all its splendor; it refers to the Pope ordering new constitutions to be drawn up by the Legion;
so that would mean a General Chapter;

the old superiors/guard coming up with new constitutions...

And Jesus said: you can't put new wine in old wineskins
Legionaries of Christ to hold extraordinary chapter

By Dennis Coday

Created Jul 13, 2010

by Dennis Coday [1] on Jul. 13, 2010 NCR Today [2]

The television news agency Rome Reports says that Pope Benedict has told the Legionaries of Christ that they must hold an extraordinary chapter to adopt new constitutions. The message is contained in a letter give to Archbishop Velasio de Paolis, the Vatican financial chief whom Benedict appointed the pontifical delegate of the Legionaries last week.

According to Rome Reports, Benedict says in the letter that it is "necessary and urgent" for the Legionaries to take a journey of "deep review of the charisma of the Institute."

At the same time he tells members of the Legionaries he wants to "accompany them" and asks them not to leave "disheartened" at the "sad events" that took place.

Rome Reports is a private and independent international TV news agency based in Rome, Italy, specializing in covering the Vatican.