Sunday, September 25, 2011

Maciel's wife and daughter; he on his death bed, and other UNPUBLISHED IMAGES -

Fr. Maciel relaxing with his lover and daughter

on this promo for upcoming Mexican TV show THE LAST DAYS OF MARCIAL MACIEL
MM on his death bed
with his 'wife' and his daughter
at the height of his glory
with his men

Maciel embraces Alvaro Corcuera, his protege, on the latter's ordination; Alvaro would be chosen by Maciel to be his successor at the head of the Legion; Alvaro has inherited his father's survival skills, and the art of seducing Church Leaders

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  1. Milenio TV does have the special "Los ultimos dias del reino de Marcial Maciel" on demand now.

    I wonder how they got the photos of Maciel on his deathbed. It is all very disturbing.

  2. "The Last Days of Marcial Maciel's kingdom".
    Somebody who was there must have leaked the photos...maybe his lover or children...were the photos sold?
    I agree that they could have spared us the images of the deathbed; the only value they have is to tell us who were there, who were "in the know", the insiders, at that delicate moment of Legion history

  3. one observer says he picked out some luminaries:

    [Fr.]"Peter Hopkins was there at the death as was Fr. [Jose Antonio, the Spanish priest, prominent Regnum Christi formator] Alonzo not to mention [Consecrated Srta?] Oriol who I assume is a sister to the Oriols."