Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Legion of Christ New Priests with No Life Experience

25 of the newly ordained priest come from the apostolic schools. (40%)

Our Father......A Naive and Sentimental Dubliner in the Legion of Christ

25 of the newly ordained priest come from the apostolic schools. (40%)
Another large % join immediately out of HS
Balance during or after college

[The recruitment of very young and inexperienced "greenhorns" was one of the strategies Fr. Maciel practiced and bequethed to the order. He would not accept candidates with "twisted and already formed criteria" but wanted to mold members to the Legion prototype]

Key to data:

Name - Age when they joined - Where

e.g. Samuel Sanabria Martinez, age 10 when he entered the Apostolic School in Spain

1 Samuel Sanabria Martínez 10 Spain AS

2 Patricio Suárez de la Torre 11 Mexico AS

3 Felipe Villagómez Amézquita 12 Mexico AS

4 Francisco Javier Arriola Merlos 12 Mexico AS

5 Humberto Gaytán Hernández 12 Mexico AS

6 José Armando Vargas Gutiérrez 12 Mexico AS

7 Luis Miguel García Calvo 12 Mexico AS

8 Manuel Sanchez Padilla 12 Mexico AS

9 Pedro Guzmán Lupercio 12 Mexico AS

10 Raúl Rodríguez Pulido 12 Mexico AS

11 Victor Mata Valencia 12 Mexico AS

12 Armando Villanueva Manzo ? Mexico AS

13 John Ko 13 South Corea AS

14 Pablo Redondo Crespo 13 Spain AS

15 Alfonso Treviño Benavides 14 Mexico AS

16 Arquímedes Sánchez Ginés 14 Spain AS

17 Cristóbal Vilarroig Martín 14 Spain AS

18 Gregory Usselmann 14 USA AS

19 Joseph Ramos 14 USA AS

20 Marco Aurélio Mauricio 14 Brasil AS

21 Óscar Manuel Macías Pérez 14 Mexico AS

22 Vandoir Dal Berto 14 Brasil AS

23 Luis Felipe Najar Perera 15 Mexico AS

24 Aaron Smith 16 USA AS

25 José Ignacio de la Barreda Manso 17 Spain

26 Marcos Manchur 17 Brasil AS
27 Aldonny Varela Vivas 18 Venezuela

28 Ignacio Sarre Guerreiro 18 Mexico

29 Juan Carlos Durán Ambriz 18 Mexico

30 Néstor José Guerrero Chacón 18 Venezuela

31 Óscar Cabello Galicia 18 Mexico Consacrated

32 Simon Devereux 18 New Zealand
33 Carlos Proal Zumaya 19 Mexico

34 Denis Tassé 19 Canada

35 Fabrizio Bazzoni 19 Italia

36 Fernando Morales Lugo 19 Mexico

37 Javier Mariana Torrecilla 19 Spain Consacrated

38 Luis Miguel Rincón Valadez 19 Mexico

39 Pierre Caouette 19 Canada

40 Rodrigo Hernández Preciado 19 Mexico

41 Rogelio Aguilera Jiménez 19 Mexico

42 Amedeo Martínez Ferro 20 Italia

43 Edward Bentley 20 USA

44 Galo González Covarrubias 20 Mexico

45 Jorge Ranninger Hernández 20 Spain Consacrated

46 Juan Ignacio Carrillo Niño 20 Mexico

47 Roel Osorio Villaseñor 20 Mexico

48 Timothy Lyons 20 USA

49 Valentin Gögele 20 Italia

50 Daniel Weber 21 Germany

51 Héctor Quintana Juárez 21 Mexico

52 Alejandro Valles González 22 Mexico

53 Chan Minh Dinh 22 Vietnam

54 Janick Caouette 22 Canada

55 Luis Ferraris Corella 22 Mexico

56 Nathaniel Haslam 22 USA
57 Marco Zaccaretti 23 Italia

58 Michael Vanderbeek 23 USA

59 Thomas Gögele 23 Italia

60 Cassio Barros Neto 24 Brasil

61 Alberto Méndez Platonoff 26 Mexico

62 Andrea Giustiniani 29 Italia


  1. Interesting data! You lived and worked with priests who came from the Apostolic School farm. As did I. What did you think of them? Were they good and "normal" priests? Did they have any positive features that one could attribute to their early formation? By the time they were ordained were they less "mature" than the rest of us? I think this is an interesting question. I've never been an AS fan.... but fair is fair.

    A "follow up" question is: where is "reform" of the the LC likely to be ignited? AS graduates? Older guys? Northern hemisphere or Southern hemisphere?

    Aside: your "comment as" box seems to be malfunctioining.
    Saludos, Jack

  2. I am on another tack: gurus/cults like to recruit the immature and vulverable...

  3. Another angle, for me is this: If 40% of this batch came from Apostolic Schools, and the AS numbers have dropped dramatically, it's not a stretch to hope the ASs close eventually for lack of numbers and that will both reduce the number of ordainable LCs as well as increase the quality of the LC. This is my own bias, I am sure there were or are some OK LC priests who went through the AS. But the best LCs I knew went in after some college. I also believe most of the LC's courageous enough to leave did not go thru the AS.

    I welcome any corrections if I am misguided in my thinking.

  4. Bless your "optimism" re reduction of Apostolic School numbers: I have seen the Legion move its target from "countries more infored of the abuses" to less informed countries, from more savvy candidates and families to more naive families and candidates...Forgive me Mexico and Brasil, and my stereotyping -I could also say "to where it can find more generous and unspoiled youth". The Legion wants the numbers and they will go fishing wherever...the more "gullible" the ground the better.

    I seem to remember some words of Jesus in that the Gospel of Matthew...Chapter 23[?]

  5. Oh, irishmexican, I guess I was naively basing my hope on reports out of the US of drastically reduced numbers at ASs. I have no clue of what happens elsewhere.

    I have to say, I was shocked and saddened to see the age that some of these men were when they entered the AS. As a mother, I cannot grasp sending a 10 year old away! My big teenagers are still such babies! What a terrible tragedy for these boys and the loss of their normal experience of family life. I thank God that our experience of this group never included sending our children away.

  6. Dear caring mother,
    thank you for your words and experience.
    If we want our priests to be healthy and holy we cannot deprive them of a warm and loving childhood in the family womb.
    In my opinion the Catholic priesthood requires an exquisitely balanced personality. The lifestyle is so demanding that without that balance we have monsters and abusers...or simply insensitive bureaucrats and adminstrators

  7. I know of one young 12 year old Mexican American recruited last year after he was given two trips to Mexico that greatly impressed his simple loving parents. They are faithful Catholics without much money who do domestic work at a church. They, along with their son, have been seduced by legion. Pray for him.

  8. Dear A,
    thanks for the concrete info; the beast must be fed whether by taking the gullible Mexican boy or the inexperienced "boys from Brazil"; while the Legion/Regnum has money to burn the holocaust will continue

  9. How can parents permit that their sons or daugters who are 10 or 11 years old,are taken is af they give away their children....I just don't understand this kind of parents, they are as guilty as the ones that accept them