Thursday, April 2, 2009

"We are fully approved by the Pope" ? #6 in the series How to get my Loved One out

Just think...

To any objections loved ones would present, the answer was always clear and definitive:


This slogan, blanket statement, was meant
to stiffle any doubt in the minds of the members themselves and also
to respond to objections from "outsiders".

"Forever" each member has had the conviction that the Pope is behind the Legion/Regnum 100%; that has been the "proof" of their "approval" and of their "Divine Inspiration"

Can they continue to uphold this as the Pope and Vatican orders an investigation into whether the Pope can continue to approve of the Legion/Regnum as it stands? Now that the Pope is questioning, doubting their validity and authenticity?


  1. The ICSA (cult association) listed 20 Red Flags for Catholic religious movements on their website (also on Life After RC). This was the first one of twenty listed as a warning.
    Did you ever hear Mother Therese's sisters stating that they were fully approved by the Pope? Not likely because their works speak for themselves. If any group has more than two red flags they are questionable. By my count at least 12 apply especially counting this one. Oh yeah, and having a controversial founder is another one.

  2. Dilbert,
    just to put a fine point on it:

    Sifting the Wheat from the Tares: 20 Signs of Trouble in a New Religious Group

    Peter J. Vere, J.C.L., M.C.L.


    The author describes a presentation at a Canon Law convention by Fr. Francis Morrisey and discusses reasons for the proliferation of new groups and warning signs indicating that new groups may be violating Church standards.

    Since the closing of the Second Vatican Council, a number of new groups have arisen within the Church. Whereas many new groups start off on the right foot and maintain solid footing, others fall by the wayside. This may be due to poor doctrine or questionable practices.