Thursday, December 12, 2013

Saving The Legion of Christ, THE BIG PICTURE

His Eminence celebrates Mass with LC leaders


It seems that the Visitators, 2010, did an earnest job, for the most part, presenting strong reports to the Vatican re Fr. Maciel and his impact on the Legion.
Cardinal DePaolis would say in late February 2013 to a group of female "consecrated" Regnum Christi members in Mexico City that such reports are "only reports." 

The well-researched and crafted reports of the 'visitators' had to pass through more Vatican bureaucratic filters: e.g. the Congregation for Religious, Congregation for Clergy, Secretariat of State, etc. It seems that when they are boiled down and reach the executive or implementation stage they have been "tamed" or massaged and the Visitators' recommendations are watered down. 

So De Paolis' mandate ends up being to "save" the Legion of Christ. De Paolis insisted from the beginning he was not a Commissioner but an Apostolic Delegate and he defined his mandate as saving the Legion of Christ. He makes his own judgment about how to go about this,  who he can work with and who no. He works with Corcuera and others, sends Garza away from Rome for some reason but sill leaves him 'with his hand in the till' of LC finances in the USA close to Mexico... De Paolis ontinues to work with many Maciel appointees and cronies, assigns some them (e.g. Fr. Anthony Bannon) to revise the Constitutions and invites a number of them to the Chapter...

That is what he has done. Very strange. I do not understand nor do I agree. Hey, but who am I? Just another disgruntled old ex-member...

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