Thursday, December 26, 2013

Legion Vicar General Requests Ex-Legionaries Input for Chapter General

It's true. The blogger just received a copy of the Letter, in Spanish, from a Legion source.

It is from Fr. Heereman, the Vicar General, and he requests input from Former Legionaries, and gives an email to where they can send the info.

the fourt paragraph below contains

"... As we approach the Chapter I want to request your prayers for the Congregation because we still consider you brothers in the heart of Jesus Christ. Besides, if any of you feels that his personal experience of his reflexions on the path of the Legion and the Regnum Christ can offer new aspects to the conclusions that we have drawn during these years, I would like to encourage him to consider sharing them with us.  They can certainly enrich us and they will help us discern Gods's plan for the Legion. To facilitate this and to make sure all your contributions are paid attention to, I would appreciate you send them to dgbuzon@legionaries. org


Your brother in Jesus Christ,
Sylvester Heereman, LC.


  1. After years of being sued and treated like pariah, they call us brothers and want our opinion!????

  2. Dear Brother, I agree: Narcissists have short memories, or selective memory. I don't even know how much they really wanted to distribute the letter and get our feedback. I got it third hand from a 'friendly" person inside. I did not see or notice any real outreach such as using the media, etc. Maybe they sent it to friendly exlcs who will kiss ass. I really don't know. It is sad. The Legion/RC makes me sad. It has hurt a lot of people and continues to do so, like some kind of Wild Beast, "le gros animal", stumbling and trampling on the innocent. The Beast that Maciel created.