Friday, June 21, 2013

"Another Maciel", Pedophile Founder of Catholic Religious Order

Why can't the Church catch these horny ffing...Founders!, asks blogger

(Cyber translation from French)

Chapter of the Brothers of St. John admits sexual abuse of their founder

This is the Golias newspaper that gives us the scoop this sad revelation that many of us hoped without much hope. The founder of one of the most teeming congregations of the Church in France was ... "another Maciel"!
It is now almost ten years Golias continues steadfastly to his investigative work and information on serious problems of religious communities founded in France in 1975 by Father Marie-Dominique and grouped within the Family of Saint John specifically designated under the term "Little Grey" because of the color of the religious habits of the male community.
This quest for truth, the action to be behind the scenes of these communities is about to reach a major goal with disturbing revelations about the personality of its founder and his sexual excesses, which are reminiscent the scandal triggered by revelations about the sulphurous life Marcial Maciel, founder of the religious Mexican Legionaries of Christ. The commonalities between the paths of these two charismatic figures reflect similar psycho-pathological mechanisms at work in the minds of some community founders created and organized for their devotion.
The real question for the Catholic Church in France will be how such information will be collected and relayed.It is feared that other Catholic media still reluctant to take seriously the information when we see the self-censorship they demonstrate against the vicissitudes of meaning yet heavy shaking community Contemplative Sisters of St. John since 2009 and despite repeated interventions in the Vatican against a French religious community of nearly four hundred religious. Without returning to the global scandal caused by Father Marcial Maciel of the Legionaries of Christ, the French Catholics had to face there is little time drifts Community of the Beatitudes and Ephraim, its founder. Excesses that Golias also revealed in his time. Now is the Father Marie-Dominique Philippe debunked its pedestal. It is more than ever necessary to examine with clarity on these self proclaimed prophets, these new thinkers. Their skill is such that people seeking master (but also young adults) engage thousands blindly following them. They were able to enjoy it for too long the moral support and complicity of the highest authorities of the Church.
Evidenced in the case of Father Marie-Dominique Philippe, the shameful attitude M gr River which, for example, in August 2007, gave its approval to the Episcopal prayer: "Father very good, you who is the Light and Love, We thank you for giving us the Father Marie-Dominique as the founder of the family S t John ... "Evidenced again, always in the case of Father Marie-Dominique Philippe outstanding pump surrounded his grandiose funeral in 2006, chaired by M gr Barbarin in person at the Saint-Jean cathedral in Lyon ... Time seems to come to them to explain and account.

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