Saturday, September 22, 2012

Paul Lennon's Mission: Holding the Legion of Christ Accountable

                                                    With the Florence flu by Roman ruins

Here is a Video of my interview with Steve Hassan, cult specialist,
a good summary of my life work hounding the Legion of Christ.

 It is a year old but Steve helped me formulate my "Critique" of  the Legion of Christ
 -and by extension of Regnum Christi-
in half an hour.
I talk in the pensive way psychotherapists do!
I believe it will be worth your time.
A year later the following reflections flow:

I did not not go looking for the Legion of Christ;
the Legion of Christ, through its legendary recruiter, James Coindreau,
came looking for me and told me it would be good for me.
I was told I had a vocation; and struggled 23 years to "keep" whatever that was.
Then, after years of agony, I left and started thinking...
Really thinking...for the first time in 23 years.
I began my "Third Journey",
what turned out to be my true vocation:
holding the Legion of Christ accountable,
against impossible odds, the Legion faithful -some even extremists,
threatening and telling lies about me, 
penniless against and Million Dollar Institution,
linking with other former members, relatives and concerned Catholics,
creating a web page and a discussion board.
Some considered me
"The Legion's Public Enemy #1"
a title I certainly never sought.
One day Legion leaders came after me and exacted revenge.
But I survived the Legion for the second time.
God has allowed me to live to be almost 69.
Some of my old confreres, fellow Dubliners, are still in the Legion,
"Faithful to their vocations", "fully integrated members":
John Devlin, Thomas Moylan, Raymond Cumiskey...
While I, the unfaithful traitor, will carry my demand for truth and justice to the end.
Then I shall meet my Creator, and Jesus the love of my life, on the other side.
And I will know the Truth: had I been trying to "destroy the Work of God",
or was I right to unmask a farce?

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