Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fr. Pablo Perez Letter Criticizing Maciel and Superiors of Legion of Christ

Asegura párroco que lo quieren desprestigiar con mentiras

Fr. Pablo Perez, evangelizing in Playa del Carmen and Cancun, Mexico

Because of letters like the below this priest has been expelled from the Legion in Sept 2012

Father Pérez' letter to Fr Corcuera

Here is the letter from a Legionary in Cancun to the Director General. (I have tweaked the translation there):
Cancun, September 29, 2011
St. Michael the Archangel
Fr. Álvaro Corcuera, LC
Director General of the Legionaries of Christ

Dear Fr Alvaro Corcuera in Christ: 
I am addressing you as worthy successor of Fr. Marcial Maciel. At this time I bow to your authority held by the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI and recognize that several of your acts have been inspired by the father of lies.

On last Monday 26 September 2011, in the Millennium TV program, I could see you, then Vicar General and other superiors of the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ worshiping the corpse of our founding pederast. Let us note that a faggot was laid out with priestly vestments; a drug addict, a drunk, a womanizer who mocked the upright, proclaimed by the Church on May 1, 2010 as an abuser, without scruples or religious feelings (unholy = he laughs of God).

Not only did he mock God, the Church and of us. You, too, and a number of major superiors have mocked the authority of the Pope by accompanying our founding pedophile in his travels with his concubine and sacrilegious daughter, when according to the judgment of 19 May 2006 he should have left the [priestly] ministry and retired to a life of prayer and penance.
Under the roof of the sumptuous mansion where our founding pederast lived day and night you, then the Vicar General, and a series of higher ups, stayed enshrined together with the whore and the sacrilegious daughter.
Under the same roof you celebrated the Holy sacrifice of the Mass and allowed the sacrilegious relationship of our founding pederast with his concubine to continue.

How not to remember the summer of 2006 when you joined our founding pederast with the entire community of Rome to holiday in the Sorrento peninsula, even though since May 19, 2006 there was a standing order for himto withdraw to a life of prayer and penance.

At the end of the holiday period (in which our founder pederast alternated stays with religious and his sacrilegious women--put on record with photographs) he went to Rome and awaited permission from the Pope to attend the canonization of his uncle Archbishop Rafael Guízar Valencia, which took place on Sunday October 15, 2006. Authorization failed because evil ecclesiastics wove a new crown of thorns for the head of our founding pederast, who humbly resigned himself to follow the ceremony on television in the company of some superiors.
It seems that neither the incontrovertible facts nor the documents of the Holy See will have convinced you and the major superiors that the truth does set us free.

Your lips have kissed the corpse of a false prophet whom you and the major superiors presented to us as Alter Christus ("another Christ") while he was in fact an Anti-Christ.
Father Álvaro, your hands have taken the hands of a rapist of children who received our vows of chastity.
You prescribed to us prayers to say for our founding pedophile who died without asking for forgiveness.
I stay in the Legion because the Pope wants the Legion to continue until the full truth comes out.

The Legion will not be reformed with a change of structures and constitutions--without a blood-letting there is no redemption; we don't need vows of silence but to seek and accept martyrdom; enough now of apostolic effectiveness and fruits, the Legion should be poor as Christ and Christ touching the poor. Explaining poverty is not poverty, everyone knows what is to be poor and nobody wants to be poor except touched by the madness of the Cross.
The Legion without poverty and martyrdom has no remedy, and it will continue to be under the influence of the father of lies.
Our founding pedophile taught us to flee from danger, for example he moved the Legionaries of Mexico during the elections which would have given certain victory of Cuauhtemoc Cardenas; It was stated "we have no vocation for martyrdom."
Christ spilled his blood, and yet when the mercenary sees the wolf coming, he flees. We must be like the Good Shepherd, not cowardly queers, like our founding pedophile, whose sole criterion was money, just as remains for the current Legionaries, who are appropriately called "millionaires of Christ."
Father Álvaro, if your lips that have kissed the body of the pederast should use the word humility--we do know that nobody beats the legionaries in humility, nor do we support those who lack "charity"--we are the hope of the Church and the epitome of the religious life according to Vatican II; all this due to our founding pedophile, custodian of a unique charisma of whom we must be certain that God holds him in his Holy Glory, together with Mother Teresa, Saint Francis of Assisi and the choir of founders.
We the poor, stripped of lying, walk in truth. We abhor Marcial Maciel, we abandon Satan's Works and Seductions. Let us be partners of the truth cost what it may. [The Virgin] Mary was a woman so poor that she would never have been at a Regnum Christi meeting.

Server in Christ priest, Pablo Pérez

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