Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[9] Deceit, Maciel's and Legion's Charism

This is the key to the Legion of Christ, the blood that coursed through Maciel's veins (Fr. Marcial Maciel, Pedophile, Psychopath, and Legion of Christ Founder, from RJ Neuhaus to Benedict XVI, 2nd Ed.) and flowed into the Legion he founded. Any honest man who has belonged to the Legion must admit that DECEIT is ingrained and part and parcel of the institution. A deceit that is justified by the end (bringing the Kingdom of Christ -as understood by Maciel and Legion leaders!- to the world). Numbers are inflated, reports are fabricated, realities are hidden, false impressions are gleefully created...

The recent article on REGAIN which gathers some of the recent revelations of deceit and incompetence,
says it clearly. I quote:

We agree with Nicole Winfield that that main issue here (based on her headline) is Legion credibility. Based on a number of past articles and testimonies in this website, ReGAIN long ago concluded that there is deceit in Fr. Maciel’s kingdom. Unfortunately this is spilling over to give the entire Catholic Church a bigger black eye and this is evident in SNAP’s statement regarding leaders allowing priests to “act recklessly and deceitfully - year after year after year”. 

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