Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[8] De Paolis, Inept Apostolic Delegate to Legion of Christ

De Paolis the man who defends the Legion Charism seems to lake the charism of leadership himself

[citation below taken from Nunzi's recent book on Vatileaks, containing email from De Paolis to Pope reporting on Legion of Christ reform]

And he minimized the ability of leadership of the General Director, Alvaro Corcuera.
"The current superior general, which some consider too tied to the founder, is also esteemed by almost everyone for his kindness and patience, but has no capacity to govern and guide the congregation. His decisions are quite uncertain and  prone to compromise, " he said.

Corcuera has publicly revealed his ineptness by admitting he left Fr Williams in place even after he learned he had fathered a child. This is not only stupidity, it is cover up and DECEIT.

But why did DePaolis leave Maciel lackeys, such as Corcuera, Garza, in leadership when he took over?

Surely this proves that Cardinal DePaolis is just as inept in his job as Alvaro Corcuera is in his.

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