Friday, September 23, 2011

Former Opus Dei [like RC] Sues over Unslavement

This is not Van Morrison's 'entrainment' but rather "enslavement" a charge being brought against her previous "employer" Opus Dei by a Numerary

[From a source]

The Telegraph at this site:

reports a story about a former Opus Dei numerary (similar to 3gf) who is suing because she feels she was enslaved for over ten years, forced to make vows of poverty chastity and obedience and was cut off from the outside world. She was 14 years old when she started and left when she was 27.
She has made some interesting claims that sound quite similar to the situation with 3gf's. Assuming she is telling the truth, she was given a wage and then had to provide blank checks to kick back the money. It sounds as if she was subjected to mind control, isolation, excessive work load and when she needed medical help she was sent to a doctor who was also an OD member. He prescribed heavy doses of anti psychotic drugs for her. She was "chaperoned" by her spiritual director. 

In her case, there are some striking parallels to life in RC. I realize that you can't judge from one case and of course it is possible that she really was psychotic. But the circumstances sound quite familiar. 

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