Thursday, September 22, 2011

1- Miles Jesu and Legion of Christ Intervention; The Founder

Everything about the Legion and the Vatican Intervention of the Legion has been so secretive it continues to cause confusion;

first thing the Vicariate of Rome does when they start intervening with the Miles Jesu is ask the founder to step down; it  says so and says it publicly, through this statement. 

In the Legion's case it was never clear why Fr. Maciel stepped down when he did in Dec 2004 [?]; for ill health or some other cock and bull reason? Of course, at that time Cardinal Rode -a great protector of the Legion- was in charge of  the Congregation for Religious and Institutes of Consecrated Life [?]. Maciel and the Legion were handled with kid gloves...

Was Maciel asked to step down by the Vatican, or did he choose to do so when he got wind that he was going to be investigated in April 2005 by the Congregation for Faith [Scicluna sent by Ratzinger], or for some other reason. Why did he step down? The Legion is so deceptive that as a matter of course I never believe their face reason for anything. I am sorry to say but "once bitten, twice shy" as they say in Dublin.

Why so much secrecy and confusion related to the Legion of Christ and the Vatican investigation?

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