Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pope and Vatican legitimizing Maciel's bastard Legion?

Maciel: historia de un criminal. Conversaciones y testimonios (Spanish Edition)

"Bring on the Players!"
this was a fun moment a couple years ago when Aura and I met with a group of players dressed in Geneva's Calvinist garb of the 17th Century.

But today I return from my vacation in warm and sunny Guatemala, looking back at Vatican intervention in the Legion of Christ Case. Is this a kind of farce, too, a cruel comedy of errors where the innocent are punished and the guilty go free? Darkness and cold envelop my soul.

-Investigation in 2005 into Maciel's sexual abuse of seminarians
-Slap on the wrist for Maciel in 2006  who disregards Vatican punshment until the day he dies
-Legion carries on in denial of founders sins, ubraiding accusers as rabble rousers...
-Vatican takes no serious measures taken against Maciel or Legion
-Maciel dies defended by his Legion hundreds and Regnum Christi thousands
-"For whatever reason" his fathering of illegitimate children is revealed by Legion in 2009, leading to a communist like "Historical Revision" of the person of Marcial Maciel
-Vatican gets serious again; launches investigation: bishops reports are seriously crticial of Maciel and his work
-Legion finally fesses up to Maciel's double life and hetersexual relations [A] and accepts the fact that he sexually abused his own seminarians[B]; rationale of transition from A to B is never clear;  Legion and Vatican "reasoning" appear muddled and confusing.
-Left in forefront of public attention is that Maciel is a "sinner" who led a disordered life; his pedophilia therefore lies hidden under 'the scandal' of  illegitimate children and the founder is ultimately portrayed as "hetero-sexually loose" rather than a Narcissistic Pedophile Psychopath.
-Pope, De Paolis and Legion henceforth cleave to this stance.
-Legion Superiors, Pope and Apostolic Delegate separate "depraved Macel" from  "fundamentally wholesome" Legion
-No substantive changes take place in Legion/Regnum Christi leadership or ranks:
-Maciel cohorts/superiors left in place and they continue to control the members with Vatican approval -"trust your superiors"
-In Interviews Pope describes Maciel as a "troubled person",  a false prophet who spawned a work of God: Pope Benedict in "Light of the World" page 39: That is the remarkable thing, the paradox, that a false prophet , so to speak, could still have a positive effect. It takes some Jesuit casuistry to wrap your head around that! Thank God BXVI was not infallible here!
-In October 2010 letter to Legion members Papal Delegate wants end to criticism from the inside and outside and back to normal in the Legion and Regnum; rank and file members to 'trust' their superiors.
-All will be set right with the token reparation to victims [exclusively Maciel's and not those of other superiors] who tow the line and humiliate themselves anew...Victims who have sought legal assistance will not be heard. Fr. Florencio Sanchez, LC, a total Maciel clone, heads the Comission. How in God's name can there be impartiality and justice!
A Chapter General and revision of the Constitutions will weed out Maciel's evil influence- according to De Paolis' plan.

How disappointing and totally disheartening for all those who suffered and continue to suffer in the Legion!

"But isn't it better than all these annoying complainers suffer rather than Fr Maciel's Divine Work be destroyed?" the Vatican seems to say.

Are Vatican and Pope performing a beautiful 'sanatio in radice', trying to legitimize the bastard Legion spawned by Maciel's concubinage with the Curia?

Maciel: historia de un criminal. Conversaciones y testimonios (Spanish Edition)

Latest book by CNN reporter Carmen Aristegui.  I began to read her introduction to collected testimonies after penning this blog; the blogger is pleased that his points agree with Aristegui's; her explanation is more extense, better written, and more detailed.


  1. I hope you are well Irishmexican. It doesn't appear they are going to investigate to see if MM had accomplices: shameful.

  2. I dont think the Vatican Apostolic Delegate ever brought that issue or possbility up. It was brought up by others, maybe as some kind of wisful thinking -which is the only thing you have left when you are rejected. His latest letter to the Legionaries was very supportive of them and I heard him say: "trust your superiors and get on with your lives; the time for analysis and critique is over." Maybe I did not hear it well.