Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cardinal DePaolis, do you know the Legion of Christ is still Threatening Former Members?

Don't know if this will reach the Cardinals ears.

As Cardinal DePaolis reforms the Legion, the Superiors continue to threaten former members, friends and family with law suits if they speak out, or muzzle them with settlements

Pope Benedict and Cardinal DePaolis, please wake up!


  1. Paul -- I must be missing something here. Exactly HOW is leg/reg continuing to threaten former members? It wouldn't surprise me to learn it is happening, but I don't get the connection from the information provided in your post.

  2. Frank,
    thanks for visiting and for the question; the so called commission is beginning to get underway;
    the commission is basically influenced by the Legion -i dont want to say controlled by- It will only deal with cases that are not involved with civil or church lawsuits already underway; the commission will meet with the individual victims -only those abused by Maciel and not those abused by other legionaries- and will decide on a case by case basis whether and what indemnization to offer; it seems that settlement will be offered on condition of never criticizing the legion...[muzzle clause]

  3. see life after rc has "10 reason not to trust the superiors"
    the same old guard, hand picked by Maciel is still in power. If De Paolis and the Vatican dont 'get that' when they might as well be...against the wind
    Repeating history 1956-58 of the first investigation when Maciel returned triumphant from his exile and ....continued with his reign of control, threats and abuses...
    A group of Legionaries just wrote an open letter to the pope asking him to depose these clowns

  4. "threatening" may be too strong; I will opt for
    "controlling and manipulating"

    The sad thing...most people, including Arch DePaolis et al: "Legion superiors/leaders are always scheming" They just can't stop. It's second nature. Ordinary people can't keep their guard up this long. But Maciel did and he passed this on.