Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Regnum Incesti - Legion Founder's Reign of Incest --The Children of Maciel

The blogger is aware that this is a very controversial subject
that it can all be a lie
if we are to believe that Maciel was a pedophile and a homosexual....
But these rumors, news item have surfaced and the blogger has little to comment on them because, despite criticisms to the contrary, I do not indulge in mere gossip.
Here is the YouTube version
Notes from the Radio Interview one of Maciel's families by Carmen Aristegui

Four interviewed simulataneously: Maciel's wife Pilar(?) and their children, Christian, Omar and Raul (Jose Raul Gonzalez).

Note: apparently, Fr. Maciel was "Mr. Gonzalez" with this family

After Maciel's death Raul approached the Rector of the Anahuac, DF, Jesus Quirce about the will.
- The children did not know Maciel was a priest.
It took a year and some months before any movement was made by the Legion. Jesus Quirce and Jaime Duran (financial officer for the Anahuac) took him to a bank in Mexico City, Ibanimex, looking for the will. The receptionist can't help them so they try a different branch of the bank. About a week later Quirce instructs Raul to go to Ibanimex with Duran. They are met by the vicepresident of the bank.
Raul mentions a network of lies from Duran. A trust in the bahamas is mentioned. Raul says that his father told him and his mother about a trust in Switzerland.
The Legion (Duran?) suggests that Norma, Maciel's other wife, in seville (?) had the document.
Norma falsified signatures. Maciel retracted the will or that he never made it.

Raul believes there is a nework of complicity surrounding the will, hiding it.
Mexican wife was told by maciel that he would leave a will, he travelled so much that there could have been an airplane crash etc.
He told her there was money in switzerland. Maciel told them that ALVARO CORCUERA an/or MARCELINO DE ANDRES would get in touch with them on the occasion of his death, the family are adamant that he repeated these names to them often, and that he never referred to them as priests.
THe wife says that maciel was such a liar she didn't believe half of what he said. She has had no contact from the Legion or these people since Maciel's death.

The interviewer asks the famil what they want to say:

Omar: The Legion has given them the cold shoulder.

Christian: would like help with his studies

Pilar (?) addressed pope benedict - will he still allow the legion to ignore them?

Jose Raul Gonzalez: investigation to address the crimes of abuse;
vatican reocgnises the legion abused seminarians and other people
Jose recognises the false sorrow of Evaristo Sada at the Youth and Family encounter - in reality there is a destruction of youth and families by the Legion.
He says Sada's letter/press release is shameless.

Alvaro Corcuera arranges to meet Jose Raul on the 6th of January at the Anahuac University, Mexico DF. He writes a letter on the 12th of December saying that he is too busy and has appointed Fr. Carlos Skertchly to meet him instead.
Alvaro sends his best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
Skertchly meets with Raul and asks what the Legion can do for him, he says that he wants to maintain regular dialogue with the Legion about the issues. Skertchly agrees.
After this meeting Skertchly writes a letter in response to Raul's requests, stating that he prefers in this occasion the formality of written word.
Skertchly talks about christian charity in all of this and rejects Raul's requests for money as his inheritance and also in compensation for 8 YEARS OF SEXUAL ABUSE OF RAUL AND HIS BROTHER BY MACIEL
He accuses Raul of extortionism and says that the Legion is in no way willing to entertain his demands.
He asks Raul to reflect on his attitude.
Raul mentions to the interviewer that he has difficulty with his passport due to different names and identity. He requests help from the relevant government ministry and leaves his address for any contact:


  1. Dear irishmexican43,
    Just a question: Are you sure they are Maciel's sons? I feel very strongly they are looking for money...
    Your in Christ and Viva Mexico!
    Edmond Dantes

  2. The sad thing is even if they are not - the root cause of all this sin is Maciel and the cover-up. So sad.

  3. When you say "If we are to believe Maciel was a homosexual and a pedophile" do you mean that you do not believe the original 9 accusers of sex abuse? Don't we pretty much know for sure he is a pedophile and it would be very likey he sexually abused his own kids?

    Why do you say Maciel was a homosexual - I have not heard much about that - with consenting LC priests?

  4. Anonymous #3
    I think you are reading into my words, which were written very quickly. I hope God will be more patient with me on the Day of Reckoning...
    This is what I believe re Maciel -and I hope to be following the facts:
    Maciel sexually initiated many of his seminarians when they were crossing into puberty, say 10-13, and with some of them continued to engaged in sexual abuse over a more prolonged period of time. As some of these liaison stretched into adolescence, youth and early adulthood -a few relationships continued with victims into the victims' 20s [Vaca, Parga, etc.], maybe even early thirties. I would not consider any of these victims, at any age, "consenting adults".
    I do not know whether Fr. Maciel had sexual exploits outside the Legion. There are indications that he did this when he "took off" with thousands of dollars in his pockets...
    Testimonies up to these recent revelations -made by the Legion itself!- always described abusive sexual relationships with males.
    So it was a surprise to me at least that Maciel had sex with women. Though it seems that in mid-life he began these relationships with women who were young -beginning when they were in late teens [?] So one could interpret these, too, as sexually abusive relationships.
    Because of Marcial Maciel's complex dysfunctionality it is very hard to categorize the nature of his sexual deviations/abuses and of the other kinds of abuses perpetrated by him; he demonstrates features of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Anti-social Personality Disorder.

    Study: Berry & Renner's "Vows of Silence",
    My humble "Our Father, who art in bed", and the very thorough Fernando Gonzalez'
    "Marcial Maciel, the Legion of Christ, Unpublished Testimonies and Documents", in Spanish, [see English language review in]

  5. DNA analyses are incredibly common and cheap. Good luck, dear legionnaires!

  6. In the note above I have tried to stay away from the pedophile, ephebophile, and homosexual terms/controversy. Neither do I intend to describe Maciel as a "healthy homosexual" which would be a person that has relations with a person of his/her own sex on an "equal footing", without lies, deceit, manipulation and the abuse of position, power and/or prestige.

  7. Very unsettling is the passage:
    Skertchly talks about christian charity in all of this and rejects Raul's requests for money as his inheritance and also in compensation for 8 YEARS OF SEXUAL ABUSE OF RAUL AND HIS BROTHER BY MACIEL"

    It has happened that FIXATED[?] PEDOPHILES will sometimes marry in order to have access to their "adoptive children." It certainly goes beyond the limits if Maciel were to marry, have children, and then abuse his own children, thereby falling into INCEST.


    And of course, there was always an element [!] of INCEST in the well documented abuses brought to American eyes in 1997[?] by the Hartford Courant and later by Vows of Silence, the book, and the Documentary.
    Because, Maciel recruited these boys from an early age [childhood] to be part of his religious Order [Family], and then he, Our Father, Nuestro Padre, sexually abused his own spiritual sons who were dependent on him to such a large degree.

  9. From the New World Encyclopedia [online]

    "The word pedophilia comes from the Greek paidophilia (παιδοφιλια)—pais (παις, "child") and philia (φιλια, "love, friendship"). Paidophilia was coined by Greek poets as a substitute for "paiderastia" (pederasty) (Liddell and Scott 1959).

    The term paedophilia erotica was coined in 1886 by the Austro-German psychiatrist Richard von Krafft-Ebing in his writing Psychopathia Sexualis (1886). He described the following characteristics:

    the sexual interest is toward children, either prepubescent or at the beginning of puberty
    the sexual interest is the primary one, that is, exclusively or mainly toward children
    the sexual interest remains over time
    Strictly speaking, this definition would include many adolescents and prepubescents for whom such an interest might be normal. Thus, some experts add the criterion that the interest be toward children at least five years younger than the subject. However, according to other experts, a diagnosis of pedophilia can also be appropriate for a post-pubescent adolescent (Janssen 2003).

    In the United States and several other countries, the term "pedophile" is also used to denote significantly older adults who are sexually attracted to adolescents, as well as those who have sexually abused a child (Ames and Houston 1990)."

    the blogger found the above definition useful in the context of Fr. Maciel and the broader Pedophile Priest Phenomenon. Deniers or Minimizers dwell too much on distinctions such as pedophile and ephebophile, etc., which are not always "victim friendly" and tend to confuse the reader. The above definition/description is balanced IMHO and offers a comprehensive, if brief, vision of this devastating and complex reality.