Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Son of Maciel Speaks Out on public Radio in Mexico

[From former RC correspondent in Mexico]

"Breaking News


Monterrey 97.3 FM
Guadalajara 95.5 FM

Transmission was this morning, 3/3/10

online now at 9:10am if you want to hear it...

One of the sons just gave off this email address: hijosmaciel@ and they would like to hear from people. They say that their motive for speaking out is to ask the Pope for justice and retribution for the victims, and that the Legion be forced to stop "dandoles la espalda" [editor: turning their back on them] and to ask for forgiveness from the victims, as well as the Pope.

For those of you who missed the interview, which was quite shocking in my opinion, my guess is it will be available at this link tomorrow: http://www.noticias tas.html
because all of yesterday's are there today. I will see if I can find a more permanent link for the interview tomorrow. Carmen said she will continue to talk about this tomorrow so people can also tune in live at the link I gave and at www.noticiasmvs. com by clicking on live player.  

I was left with feelings of great sadness for these boys and also wonder at the bizarreness of this "ride" - I didn't know where this roller coaster was going to go when I got in, in terms of Regnum Christi."

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