Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Regnum Christi "Fisher of Men"?

                                                                                                                                                        Some may think this chic is hot...and famous...But hold on: she is virtuous...and Regnum Christi.
She's a girl that has it all. See story of seductive -Oops!, attractive- Regnum Christi candidate  snuggling up to a tree. We know that Fr. Maciel told them, based on his interpretation of John Chapter 1, they had to be fishers of men.

Seriously, I have heard a former Regnum Christi consecrated explain how they had to walk a very fine line between looking consecrated without looking mousey, and sufficiently pretty as to attract prospective members and benefactors. The young lady in question is not a "consecrated" member; she may only be a "simpatizante" of the cause, generously giving a year of her life as a "Collaborator".

But I could be wrong, she may be just another tree-hugging environmentalist!


  1. That's former fellow Legionary's memoir on sale at Amazon
    Worth a read and a comparison to J. Paul Lennon's

  2. Thanks for your review on Amazon Paul. Just saw it as I depart Mexico City for home...

  3. Jack,
    a little ruminator like me could write a book about your book. Take care of yourself, saludos a Collette y Claire, y a todos los excompanieros que encuentres por tu camino. We also share a great love for Mexico, our adopted homeland.