Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Challenge and Conquest summer Camps CHALLENGED by Catholic Pastor in CO

A bulletin announcement from the pastor of a dynamic parish in Grand Junction, CO:


Challenge Camp for girls LaForet Retreat Center, Colorado Springs, CO

Challenge Camp for girls Camp Buckthorn, Bellvue, CO

Conquest Camp for boys Rocky Heights Leadership Camp Camp Santa Maria, Littleton, CO

These camps are ministries of the Legionaries of Christ and their lay ministry, Regnum Christi. These groups are currently under investigation by the Vatican for numerous revelations of gross moral and financial impropriety. The founder’s double life was protected by his subordinates, and the founder's tendencies may continue as a structure of the groups. Parishioners should know the Legionaries and Regnum Christi have been expelled from several US dioceses for brainwashing young people (and their own members) into thinking obedience to their superiors should trump their own conscience in the face of wrongdoing, sin, and actual crimes. Until these and other matters are clarified by the Holy See, I do not recommend participation in any of these camps.

This is the ultimate caveat emptor. Bless this dear priest for his forthrightness and care for his flock. (Many thanks to the reader who brought this to our attention.)

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