Thursday, May 20, 2010

Legion Leaders Absolve Themselves re Cover-up in Internal Memo

The blogger had noted here how Fr. Garza, LC Vicar General, had pleaded innocence just a day before the Vatican May 1 statement, the kind of "pre-emptive strike the Legion has made a habit of. The May 5th internal memo from Legion leadership contaned in the article below confirms the pattern:
Legion superiors say they knew nothing about Maciel's evil doing until very recently.
For fear of another lawsuit we cannot quote the LC/RC internal memo but we can cite an article that contains it; the blogger opines there is much speculation in this article but the nugget is the internal memo that Magister got his hands on. Someone must be leaking this material to the press;
is the Mighty Fortress of Legion Information Control -see Steve Hassan on cults-  crumbling?
Not really
because the leadership still controls the flow of information INTO the Organization from the outside; members will only read what they are told to: ZENIT version of Vatican Documents and activities, and the National Catholic Register, still edited by Fr. Owen Kearns whose gift of bending the truth he himself has documented. And still the members of Regnum Christi will give full credence to him.
Because he is a Legion priest, an authority, a "spiritual director of the Movement", "speaking in the name of God"

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