Friday, May 7, 2010

REGAIN Perspective on the Legion CRISIS

Enjoy the recent posts on REGAIN, where you will find a different perspective: not too far to the right or to the left. Not just Conservative Catholics going off on each other and blaming homosexuals. Not even just beating up on Fr. Maciel and the Legion, the pope or the Catholic Church. A deeper look into the causes and responsibilities of the deceiver and the deceived...the structures Maciel created, the accomplices, the aftermath, the effects he had on the whole Legion and Regnum system...

A wise sociologist studying closed groups asks

Ah, ha,
For years the Legion interpreted all and any criticisms as an ATTACK
But now it is in CRISIS

An interesting study for the sociologists of religious groups


  1. Hi Irishmexican43,
    An Italian blog ( tells that the Pope BXVI should meet the Maciel's victims, can you confirm it?

  2. Hello, friend,

    "should" is an ambiguous word.

    He should do it. But there are no plans for that. The victims dont know about them anyway. I am sure they would be thrilled but they have not heard anything. For now, that is an 'unconfirmed rumor" Kind of "wishful thinking" which abounds in the press which loves to fill in the blanks...

    The discussion presently centers on Fr. Corcuera's statement about him apologizing to the victims. Anything he does, he does his way and on his conditions -that is not the way to treat victims of sexual abuse. He has met with Felix Alarcon, a priest in Spain [Madrid?] but I am not sure of the circumstances. Fr. Felix is a gentle gentleman and in no way confrontational. Corcuera has spoken to Vaca by phone months ago, promised to visit him soon but has not.
    In general the Victim Accusers of Maciel are not happy with the Legion's promise of personal apology, not to mention zero offer of repair for damages.
    I am referring to the 8 or so Maciel survivors who went public. Dont forget the other dozen or so that gave testimony in Mexico City in 2005; not to mention the other scores of Maciel victims who have remained anonymous;
    Not to mention those men who were victims of Sexual abuse by other Legionary priests
    Not to mention victims of mental, emotional, spiritual and religious abuse by many other superiors...

  3. Thank you,
    Did you read the article of CONFERENCIA DEL EPISCOPADO MEXICANO (
    What do you think?

  4. Thank you for being a living example that there is life after legion.
    I hope many others have the freedom now to look here and at Giselle's place to help them in their discernment.
    !Dios te bendiga!

  5. Brian,
    thanks a lot for your words. Muchas gracias, de veras. I hope others do look here and many other places where the truth has been spoken. They did not because they were told that we were malicious liars and they believed that. Elsewhere I have posted the words of Legion spokesperson, Fr. Thomas Williams and they clearly demonstrate that he chooses not to believe, not to see the writing on the wall; and he may represent hundreds and thousands of others inside the Movement who continue to interpret the words of the Holy See "their way".

    The Walls of Denial & Deceit built by Fr. Maciel and his leadership cadre resist the "assault" of Truth, even when it comes from Rome.

    So I continue to be skeptical about real reform coming to the Legion.

  6. Dear Anonymous,
    re the Mexican Episcopal Conference. Strong words but decades late in coming. I believe that Conference lacks real character; Maciel had many of them in his pocket since 1962 when he hosted them at our seminary at Via Aurelia 677 in Rome; they took advantage of the free lodgings, meals and assistance of the seminarians and he found a way to control them for the rest of his life.
    Cardinal Corripio did not cave in but Rivera has been a disgrace protecting Maciel and the Legion like a lackey.
    With the greatest love and respect for my Mexican friends and exconfreres , the bishops, in general, are petty and lack character. Some are even downright ignorant. Like Sandoval.

  7. My wifw and I are close friends of Fr Felix from Long Island, NY. We lost touch with him. Is ther any way we can find him?

  8. Good Friends,
    Fr. Felix now lives in Spain, his country of origin.
    you may want to contact me at for any further info
    Thanks for asking about Fr. Felix Alarcon

  9. I cannot begin to tell each of you just how blessed I am to have known Father Felix Alarcon. He is truly a mystic of our time. Father Felix saved my soul and brought great joy, comfort, and holiness back into my life - just when I started to believe that I was not worthy of God's love.My heart was broken by the very Church I love but in this incredible darkness Father Felix prayed with me and for me and then something eventually happened - I gave birth! Yes, I allowed the Spirit to be born from within me. Father Felix truly walks in the likeness of the One who has sent him. God Bless you and keep you my eternal friend - one with whom our God finds great trust and joy in (and this I KNOW!). In Loving Unity, Kevin from Long Island, New York.