Friday, April 16, 2010

How Close were Fr. Maciel and Fr. Corcuera, his hand-chosen successor?

This is something that has been troubling some Legion and Regnum Christi trackers ever since Fr. Alvaro Corcuera Martinez del Rio became Fr. Maciel's successor

Why was Fr. Alvaro appointed, because only the most naive would believe that he was duly elected. At that time Fr. Maciel was alive and active and with a finger in all the Legion pies -forgive the metaphor!

Why did Maciel choose Alvaro?

What was the nature of their relationship?

Alvaro has always spoken of Maciel's spiritual paternity

Was there more than this?

Maciel cultivated Alvaro Corcuera ['s vocation] from infancy

Did Alvaro know about Maciel's escapades?

Did Maciel confide in him?

How close were they?


  1. Dear Irishmexican43,
    I think that Fr. Corcuera is an honest person, but Maciel decided to give him the legion just to say to the world how good/honest the legion is. I think he is the first victim of the fox Maciel&friends. I remember you that the real Boss of the legion is Fr. Garza Medina, who manages the money and has a very high intelligence for the LC/RC strategy... ;)

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    thank you for your comment.
    Personally, I doubt Fr. Maciel would appoint an honest person to lead the Legion; the Legion is so toxic it would die if it were placed on clean oxygen.
    How do you know Fr. Corcuera is honest? Wasn't he trained from a tender age by the Master of Deceipt, Marcial Maciel?
    Esceptico en Virginia

  3. Corcuerita was the ideal prey for the predator: pretty, aristocratic, deeply stupid and ignorant.

  4. I spoke once with him, he seemed a nice person, but I could have been wrong. My opinion is not important now. LC are in the hands of the Pope, he will be able to solve the scandal.

  5. Thick as sh*t and twice as stupid.