Monday, April 12, 2010

The Extent of Fr. Maciel's Sexual Abuse of his own Seminarians -Hundreds?

Legionaries release Communique acknowledging the Sins of Our Father. It appears that his acknowledgement was accompanied by the usual "Letter from Fr. Alvaro [Superior General] as a way of softening the blow to the members and giving them the "official spin" for their spiritual mediation...

"All good Pedophiles never die, they all just fade away"

The Apostle Paul tells us the Love does not rejoice in evil. So I do not rejoice. But I complain; even the LC acknowledgement is flawed, perhaps a reflection on the Legion's effort to regenerate and come clean, "Too Little, Too Late"
It is just sad.
The filth is great, deep, and widspread.
Fr. Maciel abused many more than those who first publicly accused him. They were originally ten. At that time the Legion and its supported tried to whittle down the numbers, from 10 to 8 and also implied that it was a conspiracy, and that the accusers had been paid, or that they had tried to bribe others -that was the gist of statements atrributed to Valente Velasquez and others. Miguel Diaz, sadly again, and the writer knew him, was taught by him and respected him, was on/off; I do believe Maciel got to him to threaten him and make him retact.
But we must move beyond that small number. A total of about 30 former Legionaries came forward in Mexico to Scicluna in April 2005.
I report in my book, Our Father who art in bed -a truly prophetic title!- receiving an accusation from Michael Caheny, a fellow seminarian of mine. This leads me to believe that Maciel continued sexually abusing seminarians at least through the 1960s, and that he did not limit his "specific apostolate" to Mexicans and Spaniards.
In the documentary "Vow of Silence" and American former legionary priest alludes to Maciel making an ambiguous gesture during a car the 1990s' 
Fr. Maciel often "blackmailed" and "rewarded" his victims -at the same time, the clever fox- by placing them in leadership positions.

It would not surprise me if some of the Legion top brass, and some of those who publicly defended him, were his victims.

In more recent weeks we have been hearing accusations against Fr Maciel for abusing his family members; which consititutes INCEST; although, as I have written before, abusing his own seminarians was certainly of an incestuous nature.
The man had no limits.
Folks, be prepared for more filth to come out of this pigsty. And don't lose your Faith in God, Jesus, or the Church over this. It is only the depths of Human Depravity. 

More still, perhaps it is the result of a small boy being physically abused in a home, and sexually abused on a ranch in Mexico in the 1920-30s


  1. This could become a Black Hole, sucking in everything touched (excuse the pun) by Maciel and heaping scandal on scandal of bribes, gifts and hypocrisy.

    And to thing we were told this "saint" never said "no" to God.

  2. I believe Jason Berry has been investigating this and began to publish with NCR

    I may have even heard those prophetic words from the saint's own mouth..."Yo nunca he dicho 'No' a mi Senior Jesus"

    Lay it on, Nuestro Padre!