Friday, March 26, 2010

Legion Communique Asks for Pardon without Paying for it!

Heck, I just dont want to be sued again!

Dear Readers,
here is the groundbreaking and earthshattering communique that you have all been waiting for during the past year or so.
  • Legion says:
  • It was all Fr.  Maciel's fault. We dont want to have anything to do with him.
  • Erase him from your memories
  • Despite being totally corrupt he gave us a Divine Charism because God writes straight with crooked lines and makes bad trees produce good fruit; its just another miracle you can easily believe
  • Because we are successful, our works speak louder than Fr Maciel's sins
  • Get over it!
  • We were wrong, you were right about him screwing with his own spiritual children,
  • Yes, it was pedophilia and incest. Now move on and forgive him and us.
  • We have important things to do, like protect our Charism
  • Forgive us, Please
  • We will be good boys and girls from now on
  • Everybody globally forgive us;
  • We cannot name those we have so gravely offended [they might sue us, God forbid!]
  • We are sorry
  • Pray for us and we will pray for you
  • We promise to do 1, 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8 
  • Dont you trust us to do what we promise!
  • Have we ever deceived anyone or reneged on our promises?

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