Saturday, March 27, 2010

Maciel Victims reject Legion's Plea for [Cheap] Pardon

Arturo Jurado (left) with Paul Lennon, San Miguel Allende, Mexico

                                                    Jose Barba, PhD [Harvard] eating ice-cream in Geneva                                                     at  International Cultic Studies Association Conference

just got from Mexico's Reforma; no time to translate

Article cites Raul Gonzalez Lara [son of Mr Gonzales, one of Fr Maciel's aliases] and Jose Barba, PhD, [ITAM University, Mexico City] co-signer of the various accusations against the Legion Founder since the 1970s

Catholic reporters Renner & Berry brought the accusations to the American Public in 1997 where they were met by denial by Maciel [he forgave his slanderers] and the Legion [they slandered the accusers]

Félix Alarcón Hoyos, José de Jesús Barba Martín, Saúl Barrales Arellano, Alejandro Espinosa Alcalá, Arturo Jurado Guzmán, Fernando Pérez Olvera, José Antonio Pérez Olvera y Juan José Vaca Rodríguez.


  1. This is a time of stress for Maciel and Legion victims as Legion leaders jostle for the good guy role; they are apologizing in general terms, without mentioning names or being specific to avoid lawsuits.... It is always about them, their interests, their money, their success...
    "Little children, how hard it is for Narcissists to enter the Kingdom of Heaven"

  2. Irish Mexican,

    All the best. Keep fighting the good fight. May Maciel's victims find justice and healing.

    In my humble opinion, here is the most important section of Sandro Magister's last column on the Legion:

    "According to some of the testimonies given to the apostolic visitors in recent months, some in this group knew about the founder's double life, about the carnal acts he performed with many of his seminarians over the span of decades, about his lovers, his children, his drug use. But in spite of that, a fortress was built around Maciel in defense of his virtues, devotion to him was fostered among his followers, all of them unaware of the truth, his talents were emphasized, even among the upper hierarchy of the Church. This exaltation of the figure of the founder was so effective that even today it inspires the sense of belonging to the Legion among many of its priests and religious."

    - Angus Pinto

  3. Angus,
    what a pleasure to hear from you after the hiatus caused by the supression of the discussion forum!
    I can see you are your old wise self.

  4. Irishmexican,

    I viewed the Irish program on the Legion and Maciel. Thank-you for your work in educating people on the true nature of the horror that is the Legion.

    All the Best,
    Angus Pinto