Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How Many Leaving Legion and Regnum? Don't hold your breath with Visitation

Hercules cleaning up the Augean Stables
A similar task has the Vatican cleaning out the Legion/Regnum Christi

Posting two comments from the previous post and ADDING OPINION RE APOSTOLIC VISITATION:

jane asked:

Does anyone have an estimate of the numbers who have left since Feb. 09? I know it would be impossible to count the number of RCs (by this I don'tmean 3gf), because the movement uses vague language like "gone inactive" or "stepped away". But how many LCs have left the Legion? And how many do you guys in the know predict will leave a. if the AV result is reasonable reform, and b. if the AV result is a whitewash?

February 1, 2010 1:12 PM

irishmexican43 said...


i would need help with that answer! Don't have numbers.

The Legion continues to be one of the most closed groups in the world, information coming in or going out being strictly controlled. The news items that leak out are just that, leaks; the group is still pretty well sealed. Therefore, speculation abounds. I do not have any facts. Maybe others can help with this one

Thanks for your interest in the blog.


There may be a number of members and outsiders who are waiting for some momenteous event to happen with the Apostolic Visitation; but judging by the Vatican's intervention up to now re Maciel, Legion and Regnum such interventions tend to be muted [ a slap on the wrist for Maciel the Pervert from the Vatican in May 2006 after months of gut wrenching interviews with the victims and investigations into his life; he was not defrocked or excommunicated. Maciel's double life was not exposed at that time. Maybe the Vatican learned about it but left it up to the Legion to reveal and manage the revelatiion
Vatican did not want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs of vocations, schools and money]

The Vatican still operates with much secrecy,  putting people under oaths, not making public statements, etc, which IMHO does not help TO GET THE TRUTH OUT in a case like the Legion/Regnum which possesses very good mechanisms for damage control and massaging the message both for its own members and for the Catholic public.

I mean, according to the Legion/Regnum official version -which the Vatican has not contradicted-  the Visitation is still just a stroll in the park with the visitators coming to confirm the Legion's charism and its many apostolic ventures and activities, including youth groups, apostolic schools, schools, and universities...

I would love to be proved wrong, but I have been right up to now!

I contantly protect myself from disappointment


  1. Thanks for the insights, even if I am in the category of people who are hoping for a momentous event post AV.

    What you are saying is that this is all really in the hands of bishops. The Vatican can do as it will, which as you say, was not much of anything after the investigation which resulted in the 2006 communique. You are right, it was a slap on the wrist.

    More than ever, this highlights the need for people to share their negative experiences with their bishops and with their Apostolic Visitor. If enough people write their bishop to tell him about the damage to their faith, their marriages, their children, tell him about the lies, the defamation of the abuse victims, and so on, he will act. He is in charge of the well-being of his flock. If the Vatican does nothing about the LC/RC, our bishops still can. As far as I know,the bishops have authority over activities of religious groups in their diocese. No?

  2. Augean stables -not "Aegean".

  3. It has been said that the LC/RC is for nitpickers...
    those nasty psychologists of the Freudian persuasion call it "anal retentive"

    I thought it was Aegean myself because of the proximity to the Aegean Sea.. or was it the Augean Sea?

  4. Sure, that great LC education...